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You Get What You Pay For: Tale of the Ninja Death Scarf.

So I decided the Tuesday before Christmas, that over the break, I absolutely had to make myself an Irish Hiking scarf to go with my new red jacket. I didn't want wool because it tends to itch me if I wear it close to my face-even Cascade 220-which was my first thought. I didn't want to spend the $$$ for alpaca-especially since I tend to lose things and I wanted a really looooong scarf. I would have had to mortgage the farm for enough alpaca, yak, or camel for that. I didn't have time to go to a big box craft store to get some of the newer soft acrylics. About the only thing I had time and money for was a local store that only sells Red Heart. I know. I was in a hurry. I was that desperate.
So in went I and fondled the yarn and tried to convince myself that it felt better than it had the last time I'd used it-when you could literally file your nails with the stuff. They had three skeins of a red that matched my jacket left for $2.50/skein! It seemed to be kismit, so thr…

Christmas Is For The Dogs-A Pictoral Entry

Ben must have been a very good boy last year because he sure got heaps of treats and presents. First he got a new Christmas tug toy. It's a felt braid with a little tennis ball on the end. A least it was. Mr. Ben loved it. Hard.

New Toy

(You know a toy is good if you sprawdle out all froggie-legs to destroy it!)

Then Grammie sent him a new penguin pal. Oooo! It's so hard to wait while Mommy takes a picture!

Why, he even got his very own Christmas card stuffed with tasty treats!
And...this is what a tasty treat hangover looks like.
(Actually he's not as sad and sick as he looks. He's tired for systematically destroying toys all day. Death to squeakers!!!)
All in all I'd say he had a super day! As for me, I'm excited to be able to finally be able publish pics of the 'Fetching' gloves I made for my sister and nieces for Christmas...
The bad camera angle makes them look all wonky, but they really are all the same length, just poorly ph…

Whoa! Whoa!! WHOA!!!

I'm living life in the bonus round, People! I came thisclose to getting squished by a car Friday night on my way to The Ear for Knit Night. Once again, I have proven that Knitting is a dangerous sport! I was in the cross walk. Traffic in the far lane had stopped for me to cross (Thanks White Truck Guy!) and this little, old (apparently blind and deaf) dude pulled out of a side street to my left on two wheels at 90 mph. Had I not seen him and jumped back, he would have run square over me! And he never even slowed down! Not even when I slammed my open hand on the hood of his car and yelled a bad word. Really loudly! He was totally oblivious. I didn't haul off and sock his car on purpose. Us little Yankee girls just automatically come out swinging when we're backed into a corner and poked with a stick! Even if the perp is a ton of metal with a Chevy logo on its back fender! As it was, I sprained my arm hitting the thing and spent most of the day Sunday on the heating pad. So …

Vicodin Induced Brilliance

I had oral surgery yesterday to install an implant post for my right bicuspid. Right away I OD'd on the nitrous while I was waiting for the numbing to set in and had to be thinned out with oxygen. Once they turned the gas down a bit I was fine, but I went for a fine fly there for a bit! Wheee! There was much Novocaine, grinding, and other unpleasantries and after all the fuss was over, it looks for all the world that he just hammered a 2 penny nail into my mouth. The flat metal head is very visible flush against the underside of my gum; the ultimate piercing. For $1,800 I at least should have gotten to choose something pretty to hang off it; something shiny or perhaps some wee fuzzy dice.

Doctor Dentist sent me home with copious amounts of antibiotics which are currently ripping up my tummy and Vicodin which makes me not care about it all that much. I have noticed however, that the pain meds have given me the super power of amazing intelligence. Why just this afternoon I solved a B…

Finally Face to Face with Franklin

Cutie patootieFranklin Habit , knitter, photographer, blogger, writer and cartoonist extraordinaire, spoke at the Madison Knitter's Guild tonight. He and I have emailed/blogged at each other occasionally for several years now but haven't ever met. [As you recall, I looked for him in Chicago last month, but he was too wily for me.] Dale Harriet gave me an original FHcartoon for my birthday last year that is among my prized possessions and his book 'It Itches'possesses a place of honor on my bookcase. (It doesn't hurt that I'm a fan of his sister's blog as well and she happens to live in Maine of all places!)

Anyway I moseyed on over to join the Knitter's Guild and to hear him speak. What a treat! He's a soft-spoken, gentleman with intelligence and wit to spare. His lecture was on the advent of written knitting patterns. I loved it! He was very knowledgeable. He even had some things that he'd knit up from antique patterns with him. A feat that'…

Weekend Update

We had a house guest this weekend. The lovely Tapanga (ie: Pangaroo to her Aunt Molly Bee) from upstairs stayed with us for a couple of days while her daddy was out of town. She's my kinda girl. She played with Ben for a while until he bugged her a little too much and then one snap put him in his place. She would cozy down for a rest and then after a while she was ready for another dose of the silly sogginess that is Bengaroo. Look at that face. I know right! Awwww! What a sweetie.

I made brownies a little differently-put Andes Candies in the middle and the rest of the batter on top. Got two thumbs up from the neighbors.

I spent all afternoon this afternoon making Oreo truffles. I decided to roll them in sugar and cocoa instead of dipping them in chocolate like I usually do. I put some in little tins for friends:

And the bulk of them will be used in our cookie/candy exchange at work this week.

With the exception of mailing two boxes (they are already packed) I am OFFICIALLY done w…

Turns out, Grease IS the word!

OMGOMGOMGOMG, you guys! I just got home from seeing Grease at The Overture Center. Let me just start by saying... SHE-RAH! I made it downtown and back safely AGAIN! This time in concert traffic on tundra covered roads that would make those Ice Road Trucker guys quake in their woolies! That personal triumph aside, Grease was AMAZING!!!!!! I got tickets so that I could see Taylor Hicks from American Idol (I voted for you EVERY WEEK, Tay-Tay!). The evening turned out to be all I hoped for and more. First of all, my seat was THIRD ROW CENTER. That's right! I was court side, People! Any closer and I would have been in the orchestra pit! Taylor was astounding like I knew he would be, but get this... No one told me who was playing the John Travolta role.... ACE YOUNG! Also from American Idol. He was so great in the role-what a voice! Thank God they were only in one song together or I would have broken my fool neck trying to gawk at them both at the same time. And then after the play, Tay…

Ode to Stephen King

(Sung to O' Christmas Tree)
O' Stephen King, O' Stephen King,
Your books they so delight me.
O' Stephen King, O' Stephen King,
Your novels they do fright me.

From Salem's Lot to Needful Things
From Misery and The Shining,
O' Stephen King, O' Stephen King,
I'm so enamoured with thee.

O' Stephen King, O' Stephen King,
Outside the blizzard's raging,
O' Stephen King, O' Stephen King
Through your latest read I'm paging.

If I must be tucked in at home.
I'm glad I'm stuck here with The Dome.
O' Stephen King, O' Stephen King
Chester's Mills is done, I'm wag'ring.

O' Stephen King, O' Stephen King,
Cold winter winds they do blow.
O' Stephen King, O' Stephen King
Outside the temps are zero.

A cup of tea and quilt of down
Will Captain Barbie save the town?
O' Stephen King, O' Stephen King,
Today you are my hero!

Ho Ho Holiday Spirit!

It's been a busy weekend as usual. Friday night was Knit Night where I finished a project for me. Then up and at 'em bright and early Saturday for errands and back to the Sow's Ear by 10:00 for charity knitting until noon. I'm making a 2' x 2' cat mat for the Humane Society. Then Friend Anne and I hit the open road to Mt. Horeb for lunch at The SommerHaus (lovely parsnip soup) and to the Chocolate Shop for dessert; homemade cranberry gumdrops dipped in chocolate! Oh. My. Gosh. I have long suspected that there was a suspicious lack of chocolate in gumdrops and I was right. Great flavor combination. Tart and sweet.

After that we waddled on over to The Cat and The Crow fiber shop and fondled all of the yarn and fleecy goodness. Mo and Rebecca are seriously talented enablers. I didn't buy anything this time but came away with a fierce yearning for my own alpaca.

Then it was off to the Cave of the Mounds for their annual 'Caroling in the Cave'. This time a…


We had our first significant snow of the season last night; during rush hour of course! It took me 45 minutes to make the 12 minute trip home. Most of that time was spent dodging fender benders and weaving around people who couldn't make it up the two 'big' hills between work and home. I made it safe and sound thank goodness but during the evening I counted NINE pizza guys delivering to my 20 unit building. What is it about treacherous roads that makes it open season on the Papa John's guy? It's too nasty for YOU to go out, but it's ok to risk Skippy's 17 year old life for an extra large sausage and mushroom? And those of us who have to be on the roads would appreciate not having another newly-minted, inexperienced, teenager out there with us. Especially one who has to get there in 30 minutes or it's free! Just sayin'.

I had my dental impression made today. The first one got muffed up so I literally made a bad first impression, but I got a second cha…


Yay! 30 entries in 30 days!! Woot!
I finished Grammie's Christmas socks last night. I will definitely be using the leg and heel pattern again. I really like the way they turned out and it's a good use for plain, non-striping sock yarn!

I made a wicked good supper last night. There is no recipe....'cause we don't need no stinkin' recipe! Just saute three minced garlic cloves, salt, pepper and whatever other spices you like in olive oil in a large skillet. Add sea scallops. Cook on one side for 2 minutes. Flip. Add a package of fresh baby spinach and put the cover on until it wilts.

Then toss it with pasta of your choice. I like angel hair but I only had thin so that's what I used this time.

Put some freshly grated Parmesan on the top and TA DA! Simple tasty supper! Jazz it up with a salad and some crusty bread. I'll bet it would work with shrimp too.


Thank Goodness for Blog Buddies

Just got a comment on my last blog entry reminding me that Monday is actually the last day of November, not today. So I have TWO more entries to complete NaBloPoMo; today and TOMORROW. How sad would that have blow the whole thing because I can't read a calendar? I just figured, hey, December is coming next week, might's well start it out first thing on Monday!

This here is a picture of my BubberKev and I at Thanksgiving. We're taking a momentary break from strangling each other to goof at the camera. Our mamma must be so proud!

Back to online Christmas shopping! Have a great Sunday evening!

Light at The End Of The Tunnel!

Today and tomorrow and that's it for NaBloPoMo! Yay! It's just too hard to think of something interesting to post every day. I'm sure you've noticed!

I put up a few Christmas decorations this morning, but have 99.9% decided to not put up a tree this year. It'll just be me and Mr. Happy Waggy Tail here this year. I have to redecorate the bottom 3rd of the tree every time he goes by it, so I think it will be a low key year in the decorating department.

Went to Last Saturday Knitting this afternoon. I am so blessed to know such wonderful women. We always have a great time. I worked on Grammies second white lace sock. I finished the cuff, did the eye of the partridge heel flap, turned the heel and did half the foot in two hours. And I double checked when I got home...I did it correctly! Usually I'm such a chatty monkey that I have to rip out any work I do at Last Saturday or Knit Night the next day because it's wonky.

Now I'm settling in to watch Dr. Who a…

Back in the U.S.

Paris is nothing like they say. Coming in to town, the sign says 'Established in 1836'. All the books about Paris make it sound like it's waaaay older don't they? The natives were all really nice; so polite and helpful, and there wasn't any sign of the language problem that I had been warned to expect. There's a slight inkling of a southern twang but it's cute rather than snotty like they described. It didn't impede any of my business dealings at local stores or eateries. Their money was remarkably the same as ours. I guess Paris must have just said 'no' the the Euro. There weren't as many croissants as they implied there would be but the Thanksgiving dinner there (even though I was told that they don't celebrate Turkey Day in Paris-but they do) was scrumptious and more than made up for the lack of pretentious bread. I also didn't have any of the Customs problems I had heard about, coming back through Chicago.

Some things were like th…

Gay Paree

Ben and I made it down to Paris just fine yesterday. I gave him a new bone which kept him occupied in the backseat the whole way so he didn't continually lick the back of my head the hole way giving me troll hair. That isn't to say that he didn't give me a couple of cursory licks now and then just to let me know that he was still back there.

Went out to dinner last night with Kevin and Shiela and new nieces, Kali, Kelsey and Brianne as well as Brianne's boyfriend David. Ben stayed home with one year old boxer, Sophie and 3 month old PeekapooIzzi. It's a full house but it's nice to have some noise and activity around.

Shiela has been knocking herself out making Thanksgiving dinner and I counted 5 desserts out there so far. I am trying to stay out from underfoot in the kitchen while making sure I'm close at hand to annoy my brother in the living room. It's a delicate balance....but I believe I am achieving greatness in this arena. I've had years of prac…

Road Trip!

*Mr Gobble Gobble strapped in the front seat? Check! *Mr. Bentley strapped in the back seat? Check!*Illinois map and driving directions? Check!*Industrial sized coffee for the drive? Check!*Instructions for folks staying at my place this weekend conveyed? (Just giggle the will stop!)Check!*Socks and underwear? Check!

*Enough needles and yarn to teach new sis and 3 branks spankin' new nieces to knit? Check! (Never missing an opportunity to lure minions to the 'dark side'...priceless)!

*Nablopomo # 25? CHECK!Let's be careful out there today people! If you're jammin' to Cat Stevens today too, seat dance with me! Otherwise put down the Big Mac, the Norellco, the mascera and the cell phone and just drive safely!

Oy NaBloPoMo Is Killing Me!

I'm a busy girl getting ready for Turkey Day. As busy as I am, nothing significant enough to post about has occurred today, and yet, her I am! NaBloPoMo Day 24! Am looking forward to seeing Bubber Kev and his bride and my new nieces tomorrow. I should say, new to me nieces because they are all grown up young ladies of 15, 19 and 22 but still. Wonder how Bubber Kev will fare against FIVE feisty females for a couple of days!?! Heh! Heh! Heh!

I'm hoping SistahShiela will lend me her laptop so that I can post from their house on Thursday! Hate to blow this blogging every day in November thing just when I'm nearing the home stretch! If you're hitting the road for the holidays, drive carefully and have a wonderful trip!

Holiday Secrets Countdown

Counting down the days until Ben and I go to my brother's for Turkey Day. Just talked to them last night and found out, that in addition to their 1 year old boxer, they just got a 3 month old Peek-A-Poo or some such adorable little white pup (much like Wee Fergus may he rest in peace!). Old Ben will be in his glory. He needs some play time. He's been a little depressed since he fell off the sidewalk last week. He still has a slight hitch in his gitalong but it's nothing serious. He's just bruised but is being a drama queen about it. He's such a delicate flower!

I finished one of Grammie's Christmas socks and LOVE the pattern. It's a 5 stitch pattern from one of Charlene Schurch's 'Sensational Socks' books.

I also did an Eye Of The Partridge heel which gives it a little different look. I really like how they are turning out and I think I'm going to have to make a pair for me! I'll have to go stash diving because this is definitely a stitch …

Nablopomo # 22

This is going to be short since I burned one of my typing fingers to a crisp on a hot cookie sheet. Am I taking one for the Nablopomo team or what!?!

I receive an email every day called Megan's Munchies. Today's recipe was for SnickerDoodle Pie. It's basically a custard pie with a cinnamon sugar crust on top. It looked good and I had all the ingredients so I decided to make it. Megan made a vegan version but I made the original. It came out great and I'm going to shuttle some up to the boys upstairs in a few minutes. The recipe calls for the pie to be placed and then baked on a preheated cookie sheet in a 350° oven. I wish there had been a step in the instructions that said to make sure your left pinky finger wasn't between the pie dish and the hot cookie sheet when you set it down in the oven. Would have saved a lot of pain. And blue language air pollution. At least YOU'VE now been warned. It turns out that 350° is very, very hot. And pinky fingers don't li…

Twilight Zone

I would just like you all to know that I show no pregidous when it comes to messing with people's heads. I am an equal opportunity pain in the butt. Christophe and I went to see the IMAX 3D version of A Christmas Carol (Don't do it! It was like a reallybad carnival ride!) on Thursday night. Christophe is from France and has been to the states a few times but isn't a seasoned pro at it or anything and really should bhave been given some sarcasm amnesty....but no.

We walk into the theater and it's wall to wall, ceiling to floor, tween age girls, all dressed in their jammies, with their blankies and pillows waiting for the premiere of the new Twilight sequel 'New Moon'. Christophe is stunned and asks me what is going on. Without hesitation or though (in other as usual) I say, 'Oh, this is where we keep our homeless girls. We keep the homeless boys at a different facility.' Sigh. I know. I've taken diplomacy classes. I know that a lot h…

Cutest! Turkey! Ever!

My patience and persistence has payed off! The first of the blackmail photos have started coming in. Upon inspection, I do have a dilemma though....

Is it a Turkey ?
... Or a Princess Laei !

I've Tracked Down The Problem and It's YOU!

My first instinct when something isn't right is to think it's my fault. My second instinct is to try and fix it, smooth it out, apologize or otherwise makes amends. This morning one of the kids sent out a web link, via email, to our global colleagues. The web link led to a web page that I had built and now maintain. Wasn't long before he came to me to tell me that the international folks couldn't access the link. Oh My Gosh! I must have some permission errors on the page or something else wrong! I'll get right on it! I spent nearly two hours looking for the problem only to discover that the kid in question had simply typed the web address incorrectly in his email. This is commonly called a PICNIC Error (Problem In Chair Not In Computer). I took great delight in telling him, "I tracked the problem down and it's YOU!" That was the first of TWO times I got to use that phrase this morning. Feels good to have the shoe on the other foot! Now if I'd only…

Turkey Suprise!

I started off today with a rainbow! Here is a photo of it on it's way out. I knew that it was a sign that today would go better than yesterday. Or at least that it would be sunny and rainy at the same time!

Since it has been delivered today, I can finally post pics of Sweet William's Super Secret Thanksgiving Suprise project.
Behold, the Turkey Carcass Thanksgiving hat!

He's going to hate me for life!

I am the essence of pure evil! Heh Heh Heh!

Wanna torture your the kids in your life? The pattern is on Ravelry. It's very poorly written with lots of mistakes in it but I made it through. It's pretty gnarly up close but at a distance (and for photos of him wearing it that can be pulled out for his Prom date's entertainment at a later date) it's OK!It's going to be difficult to find something more evil than this to make the kid wear for the upcoming Christmas holidays but Aunt Min is trying! Love you Cookie Boy! Your folks too! Happy Thanksgiving!

Doh! Ouch!

It's been one of those klutzy weeks. Monday I slipped in the bathroom. I didn't fall, but I twisted to catch myself and took all the skin off my arm on the texturizing on the wall. Yesterday I started in with a back spasm that is getting worse by the minute. Then I came home from work, hooked Bentley up on his retractable leash and let him run out onto the lawn to pee. He got to the end of the leash and I hadn't hooked it properly so it reeled back in at 90 miles an hour and the metal hook at the end caught me in the ribs. I have a bruise of epic proportions today. I feel (and walk) like I got hit by a bus.

And apparently it's contagious. I took Ben out and tossed the ball for him this noon. He went scrambling for it and fell off the sidewalk. The edge of the curb hit him in the ribs. He ran back in the house like he was fine, but when I got home tonight and petted his side, he squeaked. Tonight he's pretty low key and snuggly, although he got up on the couch w…

Shrunken Heads

You know how sometimes you’re just sitting around thinking. Gosh I wonder what I’d look like if I was captured by Cannibalistic African Head Hunters? Come on now! Admit it! We all do it! Here’s what I would look like. (Not for the faint of heart!) I’ve developed a severe overbite!
I LOVE Expedition Week on The National Geographic Channel! I am such a science geek. Give me documentaries on Head Hunters, The Mayan Calendar, Bog Mummies, The Bermuda Triangle, etc and I’m a happy, happy girl! Until last night. I tuned in to see the Head Hunter thing. It was OK-a lot of hype, but OK. Then the next show was on Celtic Druids. Now I LOVES me the Emerald Isle and all things Celtic so I snuggled down to watch. Started off OK…great imagery; narration was good. Then they trotted out their primary ‘expert’ for the show, Professor Miranda someone-or-other from the UK.

C’mon …


OMGosh you Guys! I just watched 'Doubt' this afternoon. It's been on my list for a while and now that I've seen it, I'm kicking myself for not watching it in the theater on the big screen. What was I thinking? Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep in the same movie! How could it be anything but AWESOME...and it was! Seymour never lets me down and Meryl is an absolute chameleon! There was a great dilemma at the end and it made me really think about the gossip machine and how it can profoundly affect life. Run! Don't walk to rent this one.

Have been laying low again today although my head is much better. I have a supper date and really wanted to go so I've been taking it' easy. I ran out and got the paper and spent the morning with that. I must be getting some of my brain function back because I completed the Time's Crossword and the ink....thank you very much. Then I made a nice stuffed pork chop, baked potato and squash lunch, did the dishes a…

Layin' Low

I have a humdinger of a headache today. Last night it was a migraine but it's backed off some and I can see out of my right eye again. Now I'm just left with a steady thump and foggy brain. I don't get them very often for which I'm eternally grateful!

Today is a stay at home day for the most part. I had plans to go to numerous craft shows and yarn shops with friends but begged off. Then I was supposed to go to game night in Stoughton tonight but called I cancelled that too. I can't imagine driving to Stoughton in the dark with this head! I did go get a few groceries and took some stuff to the library and that was more than enough movement for one day.

I got the new Diana Gabaldon book from the library today. I've been waiting for it for months, but can neither see nor comprehend it in my present state. Irony. Bleh. Can't even work on my knitting! The application for comprehending small print and fine details is still rebooting.

National Geographic channel …

Bullet Point Friday

Today Molly Bee...

Remembered in the nick of time to write something here today.'re doing it right!'s computer is having issues. It's like it has a uncannily strong desire to doom my Nablopomo mission.Oh Yeah? Well,'re doing it wrong! Ha!had it out with the cable company mentioned a few posts earlier. QuelSuprise! That $30 service charge hadn't been deleted from my account like I was promised it would amazed and amused that said cable company has an unblemished record of not completing one single task or service that they said they would correctly.went to see 'Couples' Retreat'. I loves me some Vince Vaughn!had a Slurpee and a small popcorn for supper...kicking back after a long're doing it right!taking a hot bath and a cup of tea and hitting the hay early. G'NIGHT AND SWEET DREAMS ALL!

Recipe Bomb

I love to try out new recipes and the majority of them are pretty successful. The most successful ones I post over on my kitchen site. I never write about the duds. But recently I made the dudiest of the duds and so I'm posting a warning to prevent any of you from replicating the disaster. Last year I learned that you can mix a can of pumpkin with a cake mix and it makes a pretty good low fat/higher fiber cake. So I says to myself says I...why not brownies?

They mixed together alright. They looked ok when I spread them in the pan. It even smelled right baking. However when I went to get them out of the oven, the top was dull not glossy, they had barely risen at all, and you know how they pull away from the sides of the pan when they're done? These looked like they were horribly afraid of the sides and had run as far as they could from them. There was a half inch gap all the way around. I cooked them 10 minutes less than the brownie mix said so they weren't over done. They …


Cousin Crystal (she of the cool Halloween skeleton shirt a couple of posts back) delivered her beautiful boys, Hayden and Zachary, the Monday after Halloween. Told you she held out just so she could wear the cool shirt! Both boys were about a month early, not unusual for twins, but weighed over 6 # each! Way to go kiddos! I finished the second Baby Surprise Jacket last night and will get them in the mail to the boys tomorrow. I probably won't make the pattern again. Although it's cool the way it folds up to make a sweater, I'm not a fan of the clunky increases and seams on the front. I'm sure the boys will look adorable in them clunky seams or not though!

Fowl Language

(Click to bigify-more detail) This is the hugantic herd of turkeys that lives across the street from my house. They are almost always out there. I've grown very fond of them over the past months and have even named some of them. See the one on the far right? Her name is 'Giblets'. And the one next to her? 'Cutlets'. And that big tom right about in the middle? He's from a french speaking province in Canada. His name is 'Monsieur En Croute'.... They are pretty nonchalant for T minus 15 days and counting! Just sayin'.

Cookin' On All Four Burners

Nablopomo # 9

Today was a blur. Was at work before 7:30 and didn't leave until 5:45. Don't think I stopped moving once all day but I sure did cook through the pile of work on my desk. I will be working from home the next couple of days. I was supposed to find an Executive Assistant type seminar to attend for continuing education, but nothing of any note has been given in the area, so I am taking the next couple of days to do some on line work; lots of tutorials, tips and tricks etc that I've been saving until I 'had time'. That hasn 't happened so I'm taking the time and having a couple of do-it-yourself seminar days! I learn best on my own anyway.

Came home and used my new birthday skillet to make a huge batch of Pasta Fagiolo! It's been simmering on the stove for an hour and my house smells SO GOOD. I think I'll ask Mike and Hef down for supper. I've got a loaf of crusty bread to bake up and some fresh Parmesan to grate over it. If it sounds goo…

I Broke My Dog

Nablopomo Day 8!

Mr Ben and I just got back from a rousing game of that is to say....a rousing game of 'You Throw The Ball And I'll Go Get It, Bring It Half Way Back And Then Head Off Into The Tall Grass With It Causing You To Chase Me, Catch Me and Call Me A Bad Dog And Making Me To Feel Bad Until You Throw The Ball The Next Time And I Bring It Half Way Back Only To Head Into The Tall Grass Again'. Lather, rinse repeat as needed. He's now laying on the floor wheezing like a bagpipe, but I suspect he'll re inflate in time for supper. It's so hard to be a big doggie.

Did a whole bunch of not much today primarily focusing on procrastinating about finishing the BSJ. Why is it that when you HAVE TO (self-imposed HAVE TO or course but still...) knit something, you don't want to, but when you should be doing something else, all you want to do is knit. I am my own worst enemy.

Off to order the new John Irving Book from the library before you can! Nee…

Queen of Productivity

Went to Knit Night at The Ear last night. Did everything I could to talk myself out of it but the lure of my buds and Chocovine was too great. I didn't stay a whole long time, it was too crowded and hot, but they lifted my spirits immensely in the short time I was there. They are the best. I'm a lucky girl. I even managed to finish these:
I like this Trek yarn. If I can't decide what color sock to wear, I'll pick these since they seem to have ALL of the colors in them!
With a little help from my friends, I am finally beginning to crawl out of my self-imposed funk today. Ben and I got up at 5:45 and took a walk for about an hour and fifteen minutes. We watched the sun rise and enjoyed the warm temps. I even had to take my fleece jacket off and tie it around my waist. Ben didn't take his coat off but he did pee on a lot of things to stay cool.

Came home and had some yogurt and fresh berries for breakfast, stripped my bed and loaded the linens into the washer, cleaned …


On days like this when I feel less than wonderful and it seems like the whole world is coming apart at the seams, I try to concentrate on the little things. There's so much to be thankful for:
My family who loves me no matter whatMy doggie who is a snuggler-most-excellentMy cozy nestA hot pot of rose tea and a warm blanketA wonderful bookKnittingMy journalAnd the knowledge that life has a way of working itself out and that tomorrow will be better

Guest Blogger: Ben-the-Dog

My Mommy is sick tonight. She has a bad tummy and feels yucky. She says it must be from eating healthier and says she is going back to eating cheeseburgers tout de suite. I don't know what that means. I, Ben-the-Dog, find cheeseburgers quite savory don't you? They are not too sweet at all. Anyway. She asked me, Ben-the-Dog, to write a blog guest post since she joined Nablopomo (National Blog Posting Month) and is supposed to make some sort of entry every day for the month of November. So I sat down and thought about it...

(This is me thinking about it.)but couldn't think of anything to write so I, Ben-the-Dog, will just issue an invitation to all of you to come over and see my toys and maybe throw the ball. If you throw it, I, Ben-the-Dog will go get it and if you throw it I, Ben-the-Dog, will go get it, and if you throw it I, Ben-the-Dog will go get it, and if you throw it I, Ben-the-Dog will go get it....ahem...times infinity! You get the picture. And if we are extra cut…

Beluga Babble

I went to Chicago with friends yesterday. It was a gorgeous day. The sky and the lake were both so clear and blue it hurt your eyes! Since I was on his turf, I looked around for Franklin. Obviously I didn't look everywhere, but I covered quite a lot of ground and never find him. He's a pretty good hider that Franklin.

If you happen to see someone who looks like me on the National News some night soon, it IS me! I got interviewed by an Associated Press camera man about the new holiday airfare taxes while we were dropping a friend off at O'Hare. I had a lot of opinions on the subject, especially that $25/bag fee. I thought it was funny that he chose me, especially since I wasn't even traveling. If you see me on the News in regards to grand theft auto, kidnapping or generally running amok in some other way, please disregard. That whole business has been cleared up now.

The highlight of the trip was a visit to the Shedd Aquarium. What a beautiful facility.
We saw some amazi…