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This and That/Show and Tell

I finished my Koolhaas Hat for a friend's daughter who is undergoing the rigors of chemotherapy. Ben volunteered (uh...maybe volunteered isn't the correct choice of word. Barely tolerated might be more accurate) to model it, but since he apparently doesn't have a Koolhaas shaped head, I modeled it too.
Didn't wantcha to think I knit it into that funny shape that you
see in his picture. It's on accounta his big, lumpy, misshapen,
empty head that it looks like that, see! I also made these little goomers. I tried the pattern once before and came out with a grossly exaggerated lobster claw mess. I guess I got so excited knitting the tiny little thumb that I couldn't stop! These came out better. I'm thinking they are just the ticket for little keepsakes next Christmas. It took me about an hour to knit each one, but I think once I get the hang of it, they'll go faster.

Here are the socks I knit for Mum for Christmas. I didn't post the pics here before beca…

Never Trust A Chocolate Sheep

I thought Chocolate Sheep was my friend...but she's not. Wouldja just look at the puzzle she gave me to put together! Nothin' but little round dinguses (dingi?) all over it! But since Mum and I have been snowed in, we took an afternoon (yes and entire afternoon) to put it together. After the 37,000 shades of green fiasco of October I said that my next puzzle would be a little easier to put together. This was Beth's solution....37,000 little round dinguses....Just kidding, Beth! It was fun to put together and all of the pieces are there, although there was a tense moment when Ben was chewing on an unknown object and I thought for sure....but it turned out to be some other unknown object. Never did find out what it was.
Happy Holidays from Ice Station Zebra! Guess what? We are having a snowstorm. Again. They say today's storm is a different one than the one we had yesterday, but honestly, it looks the same to me. They are all starting to run together until it feels like i…

Ho Ho Ho-ly Crap I've Been Busy!

It's been a whirlwind around Chez Bee lately. Mum, the Queen Bee, arrived in a wicked snowstorm the other night and we've been having a ball catching up. BubberKev (kid brother Bee) and his fiance, whom we'd never met, arrived yesterday, in a snowstorm. I haven't seen old Kev in a while so it's been fun tormenting him again, if only for a day or two. His fiance, Sheila, is wonderful! She's got a great sense of humor and keeps BubberKev in line quite handily! She is a special ed teacher so she's perfect for him!

We ventured out, in a snowstorm, to Olbrich Gardens yesterday to see the train exhibit and thaw out in the tropics of the conservatory. I think Sheila wondered if she was making the right decision to join this wacky crew when I scrambled under the kumquat tree, grabbed one that was on the ground and tasted it. I'm sure she thought she'd be spending the rest of her visit in the ER getting my stomach pumped, or trying to come up with bail money …

Happy Birthday Amy Detjen!

I've been having a bit of a rough time of it of late. The holiday blues have been wreaking havok with me for a couple of weeks now. Today I finally caught a break. The weather was warm (well high 30°s anyway). I got a lot of errands done in the morning. I took Bentley down for his mani/pedi... and he didn't lock me out of the car. But best of I was perusing in my latest time suck, Ravelry, I noticed that The Sow's Ear had sent out an invitation to Amy Detjen's birthday party this afternoon! So of course instead of doing any of the rest of things on my list, I packed up my knitting and was out the door before the page had fully loaded!So get this:I got to see Amy D. who I haven't seen in a month of Sunday's (and who's blog mysteriously up 'n' died...ummm let's see...was just about a year ago now, wasn't it Amy?) which is always delightful. She's one of those people who just cheers you up by existing on the planet. I don't ge…

Fish Food For Thought

OK. Those fish hats over at Knittyare the drop-dead funniest thing I've seen in a quite a while. And of course I want to knit a whole aquarium full in lots of tropical colors to match my many ensembles. Maybe some in Blackberry Ridge's Tropical Fish colorway. Seems apropos, no?

I finished my truffles for the cookie swap tomorrow. They don't look like much but they'll be yum anyway. I needed to make 48. The recipe made somewhere in the neighborhood of a gigamultibazillion so I farmed the overage out to my neighbors. They put up with Ben and me as long as I keep the baked goods coming. Sugar soothes the savage natives and all that. I also made the cake for the Chili Cook Off lunch so my nest smells all warm and chocolate-y. Speaking of chocolate-y. I set out to send a friend's husband a small package of goodies for the holidays. He is stationed in Afghanistan right now. I thought maybe my coworkers might want to send wishes as well so I put out the word. Folks from al…

Search and Rescue

Sure he can't seem to learn to walk on a leash. Sure he has trouble ignoring squirrlish taunts. Sure he occasionally locks me out of the car and sometimes drags me to my doom when we go walking. But on Tuesday, we found out that Mr. Ben has a genuine purpose! Search and Rescue Dog Extraordinaire!

I took him out in the rain, snow and gale force winds after supper. We walked a little ways until our mission was accomplished and then scurried back home to lay on the couch (with our head on the pillow of course) and warm up. I got to the door and was sliding it open when he bolted back the way we came about 12 feet and thrust his big goofy head into the snowbank way up past his ears. Then he ran back towards me and into the house. I thought that was weird but am used the odd shenanigans from the big galoot. As I was taking his bondage gear off, he spit something out on the carpet; a man's wristwatch! Treasure! I can't figure out how he knew it was there, but he found it. He prou…

Singin' and Swingin' and Making Merry Like Christmas!

Well, though I did better at this Knit Night than the one before, the jury's still out on whether Santa will be coming or not. There's the little matter of a drowning and a stabbing. Both were accidents but I'm not sure how Santa will judge them. I had no sooner sat down with my bowl o' latte when a rogue wave came from out of nowhere, sloshing half of it all over the table. As luck would have it, I missed the lady next to me but did managed to fill my knitting bag full and soak my left pant leg, which then proceeded to dry into a heavy crust . Then Kitty Mommycame and sat next to me and just being in that close a proximity to yours truly caused her to stab her finger with a big safety pin...hard. I exuded nothing if not bad mojo all evening. But not on purpose. Still, I think if Santa shows at all, he'll just be leaving Red Heart in my stocking. Me thinks I started this 'trying to be good crap' way too late in the year to rack up any 'all natural fiber…

He's Comin' To Town

I went to friends' for supper the other night and was having a conversation with their 6-year-old. He was pondering about whether Santa Claus would bring him his heart's desire for Christmas this year. I told him that Santa only brought toys for good girls and boys, but from what I could tell, he seemed to be doing OK. He looked at me with a solemnity that only a 6-year-old whose Christmas gifts depend on it can have, and said, "I TRY to be good, but sometimes I'm SO BAD....SOOO... SOOO BAD! "

I know how he feels. I, Molly of the house of Bee, do solemnly swear, to behave myself at Knit Night. I won't mention exotic fruits and vegetables. I won't make up pimp names for Ben-the-Barista and then get the group to flash gang signs at him. I won't make 'Google' innuendos. I will be the picture of piety and the best of my ability....if I can., I'll try. Don't expect miracles but if I don't at least start …

Looked Fun When Knitzu Did It...

I saw this over at Knitzu's place and thought it looked like fun. Then once I bolded all the things in the list that I had actually done, I realized how truly dull and empty my life has been so I reevaluated the questions and counted some of the ones I 'kinda' made. It's late. I'm very tired. I apologize in advance...

Things I’ve done (in Bold)…

*Started my own blog
*Slept under the stars

*Played in a band
*Visited Hawaii (Used Hawaiian Tropics-counting it)
*Watched a meteor shower
*Given more than I can afford to charity
*Been to Disneyland/world. (Have ridden on Madison's famous Beltline though...That's more of a thrill ride than Walt has to offer so I'm counting it.)
*Climbed a mountain (fell off said mountain. Double word score.)
*Held a praying mantis (and a frog, and raccoons and a boa constrictor and baby bear. Oh! And a rabid butterfly!)
*Sung a solo(So low you can't hear me. Tenor. Tenor twelve miles away.Ar. Ar. Ar. Counting it. )
*Bungee jumped (Expe…