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Dibs and Dabs

It occurs to me that it has been a long, hot summer of goofing off in regards to blog writing.  Now that the cool, crisp, fall weather reminds us that the long, cold, days of winter are just around the corner, I think it's time to stop flitting around, straighten and and blog write (sic)!

A friend asked me a while back to make a couple of jewelry pieces with lady bugs and bumble bees.  I did them right away when he asked and then realized that the way I had the oriented (diagonally) the design made it impossible for me to put the bales on the back so they couldn't be seen. Crap.  So I finally got around to redoing them this weekend. Aside from my crappy photography skills, I am having uber camera problems so please excuse the blurry cell phone picture...
There is a square pendant, a smaller, round pendant in a bag on the back and the pin. I made the pins with those gems that you can get for flower vases. They are a little irregularly shaped and chunky, that's what I liked …

Diva Challenges, Grampie Takes A Vacation and The Window Diving Olympics

Amy Broady, CZ, from TN is a guest host over at the Diva's this week.  The challenge is called "String Theory v. XII: Pinwheels for Peace v.II".  My Mum has been visiting for the last week or so, she just went home yesterday.  I drew a pinwheel template in a 3.5 x 3.5 square, explained the concept, gave her a Zentangle Basic's book and a pen and let her go to it.  She is an amazing painter, but said that this was totally outside her comfort zone. As you can see...she totally ROCKED IT!
Here is mine...
We had a good visit. I took the week off last week so we could do little trips around the 'hood.  We went to the Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson so she could finally see what all the fuss was about. Guess what I bought? NOTHING!  I KNOW right?  That's even more shocking than if I'd told you 'TEN spinning wheels' or something. I had two things on my list; one of those German balls of sock yarn (can't remember the name (Zuberballs?) but I saw…

Diva Challenge: Outside The Lines

This is an absolutely abysmal photo, but I'm having mega camera problems right now. I wanted to get this challenge up anyway so bear with the 'blurries'.  This week's challenge was right up my alley.  It was to tangle outside of the confines of the typical 3.5 x 3.5 confines of a typical Zentangle. I do this all the time so I really enjoyed this challenge! Thanks again Diva for a great challenge and a relaxing evening!