Cookin' On All Four Burners

Nablopomo # 9

Today was a blur. Was at work before 7:30 and didn't leave until 5:45. Don't think I stopped moving once all day but I sure did cook through the pile of work on my desk. I will be working from home the next couple of days. I was supposed to find an Executive Assistant type seminar to attend for continuing education, but nothing of any note has been given in the area, so I am taking the next couple of days to do some on line work; lots of tutorials, tips and tricks etc that I've been saving until I 'had time'. That hasn 't happened so I'm taking the time and having a couple of do-it-yourself seminar days! I learn best on my own anyway.

Came home and used my new birthday skillet to make a huge batch of Pasta Fagiolo! It's been simmering on the stove for an hour and my house smells SO GOOD. I think I'll ask Mike and Hef down for supper. I've got a loaf of crusty bread to bake up and some fresh Parmesan to grate over it. If it sounds good, I'm posting the recipe on Molly Bee's Kitchen. Delicioso!

Off to work more on my BSJ. I think I'll be able to finish it tonight and put the buttons on tomorrow night and have both of them in the mail by the end of the week. Then it's on to my secret Thanksgiving project for Sweet Willie Browne! G'night all!


aaron browne said…
you do realize that if you post it, it's not as big of a surprise... :P course, will isn't on here quite yet.
dale-harriet said…
You are an INSPIRATION, Molly-B! I'm going to write SOME on my Novel first thing in the morning every day (although my major writing is after 10:30 pm). ONLIEST thing I'll do first is....come here because yer blog doth cheer me mightily, o verily saith I and all that other stuff. (My "word" is BELYO! which I will use from now on as a rallying cry)
B E L Y O!!!!!
I wouldn't say no to a bit of that dish and Mollybees for accompaniment.
Terri Browne said…
ooohhhh...I can't wait to see it!!!