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Diva Challenge Number 64-Fortuneteller

I haven't done the past few many Diva Challenges; life getting in the way and all that, so I really wanted to do this week's!  It was to divide the tile into 8ths (like the old fold up fortune tellers we used to make in grade school) and tangle each section.  Oooo! I had plans. I'd blur the lines!  I'd morph one pattern into the other! I'd create a tangle the likes of which the world had never seen! Not. so. much.  Seeing my time draining and the things I have to do between now and the weekend deadline, I realized I was going to have to 'phone' this one in . I divided my tile and put some of the new patterns I haven't tried out yet in each section. The result? Meh. Not earth shattering, but at least I have a working tool of pattern documentation for my stash.  I'll do better next week, I promise!

Happy 100th Birthday, Grammie!

March 10th was my Grammie Mildred's 100th birthday! This factoid kinda blows my mind....a little over a month after she was born, the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank. But I'm pretty sure it was just a coincidence. 

Grammie fell in November.   She has taken a lot of spills in the past few years but usually 'bounces' so aside from some soreness and bruising...she is a world champion bruiser....she usually emerges pretty much unscathed.  Not this time. She broke her hip.  They patched her up with some bionic parts and sent her to rehab at a nursing home about 30 minutes from where my Mum lives. They didn't feel like she'd recover enough to go back to the apartment where she has lived alone for the last 9 years. There was even some question as to whether she would walk again, but by January, they said that she COULD go home... if she wanted to. She had rehabbed herself back to walking with her walker! She mulled the idea over for a while and was kind of thinking t…

New Barn Babies

I've been out of town for a couple of weeks, taking a much needed spring break, so I haven't been to the barn in what seemed like forever. I missed the barn babies almost as much as I missed my Bentley while I was gone....ALMOST!    Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of feathered and furred babies on my trip.  Including this papa trying to get his duck babies to the safety of a stream at Disney....
(AND I got to hand feed a full-grown, black, rhinoceros while we were taking a backstage safari there which was SO AWESOME I can't even put it into words!!! No photos because I was covered with rhino drool half way to my elbow!) And there were kitties... And monkeys... And the herd of deer that winters on Mum's back lawn.  This one sucked the seeds out of the tube bird feeder every afternoon in broad daylight, the bandit!
But I really wanted to catch up with Toby and the gang at the barn, so I went in this morning just in time to meet the new family members that joined us…

Baked S'mores

Make a graham cracker cookie crust and squish half of it in the bottom of an 8x8 pan. Top with chocolate   And marshmallow fluff (Tip: smooth the fluff out with a spoon you've heated in hot water). The other half of the cookie crust and sprinkle with graham cracker crumbs
I regret that I forgot to take pictures of it after it was baked (the marshmallow poofs up) and before I gave it away.  I didn't try one but they looked great and smelled heavenly!
A shout out to Kasee over at The Apron Gal blog .  I found this recipe on Pinterest linked to her blog. Click here the complete recipe. 
Happy Baking!