Tuesday, June 16, 2015

All About The Ink

Business first! I haven't done a Diva Challenge for a while and finally took 15 minutes to sit down and do a real basic quicky for this week. Color is not my thing (obviously) but it was fun to give the new Sharpies a workout. The pink and blue grid pattern is one that I came up with recently. It's called 'Camden' and I will do the step-outs and post them soon.

Here is a color one I did a while ago.  I took the photo with the BubbleCam app that I added to my to my phone and it automagically does this to pictures! Pretty cool, no?

It's been all about the ink at our house this spring. I've been totally obsessed with Narwhal and have a big project going on the kitchen table right now. Clash of the Narwhals. It might be fun to make straight tusks, doodle it in pastels and glitter and call it 'Clash of The Unicorns' too! My friend, Klara, would be all over that!

Narwal is an easy pattern, but tangling it isn't easy when I have to get by Satan's Gatekeeper, 'Fang', in order to do it. (Actually he's just yawning here, but he is woefully unhelpful when it comes to drawing! The end of the pen moves just like a pesky mousie!)

Seems like every tangle that I do has Narwal in it somewhere. This is a doodle of a notebook that I did in MY notebook last weekend. I've seen several examples of the idea of this layout on line lately so I decided to try and emulate them. Narwal still showed up!

I created a new chop recently. Zentangle encourages you to use your initials to create a unique signature to put on your work- like a Chinese chop seal. I've discovered the 'M' and 'B' make a groovy kitty cat to sign my work with. Can you find him on this picture?

Anyway, so in between all of the chores, work, trips to parks and the zoo, movies, dinners and everything else there has been art. Because it's all about the ink.  

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