Doh! Ouch!

It's been one of those klutzy weeks. Monday I slipped in the bathroom. I didn't fall, but I twisted to catch myself and took all the skin off my arm on the texturizing on the wall. Yesterday I started in with a back spasm that is getting worse by the minute. Then I came home from work, hooked Bentley up on his retractable leash and let him run out onto the lawn to pee. He got to the end of the leash and I hadn't hooked it properly so it reeled back in at 90 miles an hour and the metal hook at the end caught me in the ribs. I have a bruise of epic proportions today. I feel (and walk) like I got hit by a bus.

And apparently it's contagious. I took Ben out and tossed the ball for him this noon. He went scrambling for it and fell off the sidewalk. The edge of the curb hit him in the ribs. He ran back in the house like he was fine, but when I got home tonight and petted his side, he squeaked. Tonight he's pretty low key and snuggly, although he got up on the couch with me pretty gingerly. I couldn't feel any broken ribs and after the initial squeak he let me touch him all over and didn't say a word so I'm suspecting he just has a nice bruise on his ribs like me! If he's still moving gingerly in a couple of days, I'll talk him to the vet.

Of course I have a full work and social schedule this week so no rest for the wickedly wounded. I SHOULD be wrapping myself in bubble wrap and hockey pads and curling up in the fetal position until the klutz storm blows over, but instead I have a lunch date with a friend tomorrow, dinner and a 3-D movie Thursday night with a guy visiting from Lyon, France. Coffee with one friend and lunch with another on Saturday. Oh, throw A Pampered Chef party, an oil change and a game night into that mix. On top of work. And then it's off to Paris IL for a couple of days. Yikes! I'm going to have to hire a housekeeper! Chores have always interfered with my knitting time but with all this social stuff now, somethings gotta give! I say HOUSEWORK!

Hope your week is going much more smoothly!


MadCityMike said…
I agree that social life is more important than housework....ugh! Hate the stuff! You have your priorities straight Ms. Molly Bee! ENJOY!!!! (But be careful, eh!!!)