I've Tracked Down The Problem and It's YOU!

My first instinct when something isn't right is to think it's my fault. My second instinct is to try and fix it, smooth it out, apologize or otherwise makes amends. This morning one of the kids sent out a web link, via email, to our global colleagues. The web link led to a web page that I had built and now maintain. Wasn't long before he came to me to tell me that the international folks couldn't access the link. Oh My Gosh! I must have some permission errors on the page or something else wrong! I'll get right on it! I spent nearly two hours looking for the problem only to discover that the kid in question had simply typed the web address incorrectly in his email. This is commonly called a PICNIC Error (Problem In Chair Not In Computer). I took great delight in telling him, "I tracked the problem down and it's YOU!" That was the first of TWO times I got to use that phrase this morning. Feels good to have the shoe on the other foot! Now if I'd only grow a modicum of self esteem and at least suspect that it could possibly be someone else's error first, I could save HOURS of time!

Tonight I am taking Christophe, from our branch in Lyon France, to dinner and a movie. We are going to see A Christmas Carol in IMAX 3-D. I don't know if he's ever experienced IMAX 3-D before. I hope not! It would be neat to be the first to show him something so cool. I don't remember much of the French I took in HS and College, so I'll just make do speaking English in my cheesiest Inspector Jacques Clouseau accent to make him feel more comfortable. Should be a fun evening!
(NABloPoMo Day 19)


Anonymous said…
I am curious -- is A Christmas Carol a tradition in France? Given the long-standing rivalry between England and France, I would guess no, but what do I know? Please inquire. :-)
Anonymous said…
I like PICNIC. Must remember that one.

Would it work for knitting?
Problem In Knitter, Not In Pattern? PIKNIP

Or vice-versa I suppose.
I like this NaBloPoMo thing.

YarnThrower said…
Laughing out loud at PICNIC!! Hilarious!! And, of course your first assumption should be that *you* are right :-)