Bullet Point Friday

Today Molly Bee...

  • Remembered in the nick of time to write something here today. Nablopomo...you're doing it right!
  • 's computer is having issues. It's like it has a uncannily strong desire to doom my Nablopomo mission.Oh Yeah? Well, sabotage....you're doing it wrong! Ha!
  • had it out with the cable company mentioned a few posts earlier. Quel Suprise! That $30 service charge hadn't been deleted from my account like I was promised it would be.
  • is amazed and amused that said cable company has an unblemished record of not completing one single task or service that they said they would correctly.
  • went to see 'Couples' Retreat'. I loves me some Vince Vaughn!
  • had a Slurpee and a small popcorn for supper...kicking back after a long week...you're doing it right!
  • taking a hot bath and a cup of tea and hitting the hay early.



dale-harriet said…
Perfecto! You're doing better at your blogging than I am "novelling", although I am caught up --waitaminnit! I'm enjoying your blog when I should be writing!! O NO MR BILL! (PS, wouldn't have it any other way so there neener neener. U ROK.
Kitty Mommy said…
Awesome Friday!! Sounds like your track record with the cable folks is about on par with mine...