Monday, May 31, 2010

New Recipies

Just posted recipes for Asian Cole Slaw and Apple Dumplings over on my kitchen site:

Enjoy! Have a safe Memorial Day!
Much Love,
Molly Bee and Ben

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Feud Is Over

As many of you close to me know, Harry Potter and I have not been on speaking terms since his first movie came out. I had planned to read the books because I'd heard great things, but hadn't yet done so before I attended the first film of the series. I was loving it up until the Quiddich scene which was so poorly filmed that I got physically ill from motion sickness. If there's anything I hate more that getting sick it's paying $15 a ticket to get sick and woofing up a perfectly good $97.99 popcorn. To say I was incensed and outraged would be an understatement. I SO wanted to punch Harry right in his lightning-bedazzled little forehead! Then strangle him with his stripedy scarf. And step on his glasses, all the while calling his bad names, for good measure! Since that wasn't an option, I did the next best thing. I banished all things Potter from my life. Like the books? Don't wanna hear it. New movie out? Better not tell me within swinging range. Got a Potter lunch box? Keep an eye on it or I'll back over it with my car. HP and I have maintained our feud all of this time. Until today.

Now I knew my future husband, David Tennant, was in one of the movies, and you know how much I loves me my DT! Even that wasn't even enough to lure me back to the theater, so strong was my resentment. But today, the ABC Family Channel was showing 'Goblet of Fire' and I happened upon it just as David was on. What's a girl to do? I mean, the fate of our future marriage could be at stake should I keep on flipping channels and he was to somehow find out. So I watched the last two thirds of the movie liked it OK? Sue me! Now I'm contemplating watching all of them on the small screen. Darn you HP and that amazing magicy magic of yours!

So anyway, I just wanted to let you all know so you can stop speaking of Harry in hushed tones in my presence and can remove your lunchboxes from your wall safes. The coast is clear. It's safe to come out now. The feud is over.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

♥I had a serious case of the blues last week. I had a cold. Ben was miserable. Seemed like everything was going wrong. Life seemed bleak and I lost my positivity mojo big time. Finally by Saturday I'd had enough. I pulled myself up by the bootstraps, scheduled lunch with a friend who always makes me smile and made a conscious effort to just enjoy each moment as it came along and go with the flow. My 'luck' turned around immediately. Was is 'luck' at all? Lesson: Happiness is a conscious choice.

♥I happened upon a freakishly huge spider on the bathroom floor. One minute I noticed it and the next minute I found myself in the middle of the living room chanting 'OhGoOohGodOGod'. Once I pulled it together, I wondered who I initially thought was going to deal with the thing as I had run away like a big sissy. So I ammo-ed up with a wad of tissues and snuck back in the bathroom (thus gaining the element of surprise donchaknow) to eradicate it. Like I told friend-Jen, if it is in the barn talking to a pig a la Charlotte's Web it's O.K. If it's in MY house, it's history. I slammed the tissues down on it, felt a 'pop' and jumped back leaving it where it was. Ben who was enthused with all of the excitement, walked over and put his big goofy foot right on top of the tissue, stood his ground and just looked at me. My hero! Lesson #1: I have the ability to kill my own spiders thank you very much! Lesson #2: Failing lesson number one, give Ben a tissue and send him in first!

♥ I had my hair cut Saturday. The dream is to get it all one length for that sleek Sandra-Bullock-in-Speed look. The reality is that all of this humidity makes it look like Little Orphan Annie stuck her finger in a socket. Seriously, cans and cans of AquaNet were needed for this look back in high school! Lesson: There comes a time to stop trying to conform. Own it....rock it...and single-handedly bring back 80's big hair!

What did YOU learn this week!?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ho Hum? Not So Much!

With the Benster still on the bench, I prepared myself for a ho-hum weekend at home. I don't like to leave him if I don't have to because he has to wear the cone of shame and he HATES that. Back in The Before Times, those collars used to be an opaque white color. The new fangled ones are see-through clear so he can't see it. It's like a force field around his head and he doesn't know where it ends, so when it's on, he stands perfectly still. I had to teach him to sit and lay down. He still won't put his head down to sleep. Poor guy.

When I take it off, he's so exhausted he goes and gets Percy Porkloin and they take an uber nap together to get over the trauma.

But what was supposed to be a low key weekend was not. I did escape for a little bit to lunch with friend Scott and get my hair cut. Then I went shopping for Mike's (of Mike and Hef fame) birthday gift. I was so pleased to find the perfect gift for a sci-fi geek over at Williams and Sonoma-Star Wars cookie cutters. I was torn between them and the waffle molds, but Mike makes lots of cookies...

Mike and Hef had a birthday bash upstairs last night to celebrate. They always have wicked inventive soirees. This one finale-ed with a bunch of drunken folks whacking a haphazardly strung pinata with a huge inflatable penis out in the dark on the front lawn about 10:30 PM. The moment that they discovered that they couldn't find the candy in the grass in the dark and that any candy accidentally discovered by feel could just as well be dog poo-PRICELESS!

I didn't have a hangover, but everyone else in the building did so I tried to stay quiet and not regale them with tales of their debauchery today. I have plenty of notes and photographic evidence for when everyone is properly sobered up. Instead, Ben and I spent the morning with the paper (my favorite Sunday morning activity) and this afternoon we've been knitting cheese and watching documentaries on parasites (which led to an impromtu, frantic,yet thankfully non-productive, search for bed bugs at one point). No ho hum for this girl!
(The photo above is a close up of my Swiss Cheese scarf-in progress. Once it's blocked, the holes will be round. The edges are raggedy like cheese too. The pattern is free on Rav-just search 'swiss cheese scarf' in patterns and the yarn is Kauni.)

How was YOUR weekend!?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

I was thinking of canceling Wisdom Wednesday today because I am down with a head cold and in such a grumpy state that I figured there were no viable lessons to be gleaned from my virus laden stupor. About 2 minutes after that thought, I discovered that there is indeed valuable experience to be gathered and passed along in every situation...

♥I'm not going to go into a lot of detail, I'm just gonna tell 'ya. DON'T... as in DO... NOT...EVER... use one of those fancy tissues laced with Vick's VapoRub and then try to remove your contact lenses. Just sayin'. Again, I perform these experiments so you don't have too.

What did YOU learn this week?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Reunion Tour

From the good folks who brought you the 'One Is The Loneliest Number Single Knitted Item Puppet Show Only In My Head' extravaganza a few entries ago, we now present, The Lonely Singles No More Reunion Tour. The lights go down and the crowd goes wild!!!

♫ Reunited 'cause it feels so good....♫

(My first pair of Selbuvotter Norwegian Mittens )

♫Reunited 'cuz we understood♫

(First pair of Toe Up Socks-'And they match! Sole Mates'...Get it?!?!? )

♫There's one perfect fit. ♫ And Sugar this one is it.♫

(Top Down Socks. Uh...not so much with the matching. Oy!)

♫We both are so excited 'cuz we're reunited, hey-hey!♫

OK. So these aren't a matched pair but I did finish TWO scarves so I'm counting it. On the right is the Noro Entrelac Scarf. On the left is an unblocked drop stitch scarf with woven drop stitches that's kinda cool.
And there you have it. There has been knitting. All of the lonely singles projects have been finished up, paired off and are taking it on the road! Coming to a town near you!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bentley Update

Ben is doing very well. He's healing nicely and already weight bearing on his new knee. The task now is to keep him from OVER doing it. Not an easy task. He can't get up on the couch or bed, two of his FAVORITE things, and when I leave the house he has to wear the cone of shame because he can't hold his licker. We have to maintain calm and control until a week from Friday when we go see his doc again. Did I tell you that I think his doctor is 11 years old? Seriously! Doogie Schnauzer! He has to have a note from his mom saying that he has permission to practice veterinary medicine!

Anyway, Ben and I want to thank you all for the well wishes, calls, cards, treats and gifts that have been pouring in from across the country. Mike and Hef stopped by and gave him a zebra which he loves. He took the 'brains' out of its head immediately 'cause apparently he likes his zebras stoooopid. Uncles Joe and Steve stopped in with treats yesterday and gave him all of the love and attention I withhold from him. Just look at his face, he'll tell you how bad he's got it. Mommy dresses him funny and makes him sleep on the cold, hard (plush, lambs-wool) doggie bed .

Today he got a care package from his friend Brinkley up in the Twin cities. In it was his newest buddy, Percevil Porkloin Piggy. There was a note from Brinkley:

Please note the part about the five...count 'em FIVE... squeakers. F.I.V.E. S.Q.U.E.A.K.E.R.S. ... Squeakers. Five of 'em. It sounds like a Loony Toons slaughter house in here. (Obviously Brinkley's parents are still a little miffed about the fact that I whacked their first born son up side the head with my spinning wheel last time they were here. Payback is indeed a b**ch!)

But Ben is in HOG heaven! Seriously, he's happier than a PIG in... the living room as it turns out. Really! He's SOW happy he's SQUEALING with joy.

"I don't want to get SLOPpy but I love you Percy Pig! NOM NOM NOM!"

(♥♥♥Thanks everyone who checked in and sent healing thoughts and hugs! They worked!
Much Love, Bentley♥♥♥)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Boo Boo Ben!!!

Ben says to tell you he's fine. He had surgery yesterday to repair a torn ACL. He had to stay at the vet overnight which was traumatizing for both of us, but I got to go get him at 9:30 this morning and he is home resting comfortably now. The surgery went well-no surprises or complications. He has a shiny new plate in his knee which will make just breezing through airport security a thing of the past when he goes on his world tours, but sacrifices had to be made. I'm working from home today to keep an eye on him. We're having lunch right now and then it's back to the coal mines for me and back to recuperating on his new dog bed for him!

( Here are some post op pics. The site looks really good, but I will make the pics small so you can avoid them better if you are squeamish. If you are a science/med geek like me, just click on them to biggify.)


Boo Boo Ben

Chicken Leg!

Good looking site
Epidural haircut and sexy bare chicken leg

IV Haircut

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

Ben was gimping pretty bad again so I took him to the vet on Friday for x-rays etc. He didn’t use his left leg at all going down the steps to the garage. He didn’t want to jump up into the back seat. Once he did get in, he just lay there like a good boy…and that NEVER happens. He is always more spazzy than usual in the car. He's constantly begging to have the windows rolled down, be in the front seat or to drive. When we got to the vet, and he hobbled to the entrance. I opened the door and he ran across the lobby to get his treat. He bounced. He jumped. He knocked the vet over (when will she learn not to skooch down to say ‘Hi’ to him?). No sign of a limp. No indication of pain. Even when she did all of the poking and prodding, he gave her kisses. After we got home, he resumed his pitiful limping and making groaning noises.
Lesson: Taking my dog to the vet is exactly like taking my car to the garage when it’s making a weird noise. Some kind of miraculous healing phenomenon happens at the doorway of those mystical places! This same miracle reverses itself just as quickly upon reentry into my life.

I was down on State Street with friends at the antique car show last weekend. We were joking about the back seats on some of the cars being too small to make out in. And really, what’s the fun of having a cool car if….? We wandered down to a convertible that was an absolute boat. The back seat was roughly the size of my house! I hit my friend in the arm and said, “Now there’s a back seat you can make out in!(winkwinknudgenudge)” He didn’t laugh so I turned to look at him and discovered that it wasn’t my friend at all. It was a shocked looking gentleman I didn’t even know.
Lesson: Look before you leap…or at least before you make bawdy statements. You may be propositioning a total stranger, an arrestable offense in most states. At the very least, looking will prevent you from making inappropriate comments to someone you wouldn't normally even make eye contact with. YIKES!
[Aside: I swear, this crap only happens to me! Kinda like last week when I had a bunch of cake leftover from a lunch meeting I hosted. I was going up and down the halls asking folks in other meeting rooms if they’d like some. The results were positive until I got to the room across the hall. My cake offer was met with a resounding “NO” and angry stares. Turns out it was a Weight Watchers meeting. Heavy sigh…]

It was pretty crowded at the old knit shop the other night. A gentleman with a cup of coffee wandered over and asked if he could sit at my table since I had an empty chair and seating was scarce. I told him ‘Absolutely’. He seemed nice and we made small talk for a couple of minutes. He said he was from the East Coast and it was at this point that I made my fatal mistake. I asked him... what brought him to the Midwest? I know. Rookie mistake. I spent the next 3 and a half what-seemed-like decades listening to his ‘religious philosophy’, pitched in a manner artfully designed to entice me to come on down for a KoolAde tasting at their next club meeting.
Lesson: There is a fine line between being polite and being encouraging. I need to get my magnifying glass out and pinpoint that line exactly for the next time.

Terri Browne dropped me a note to let me know that William was playing with his cousins at his birthday party, fell down and got a knot on his head "bigger than the one he got at your house."
Lesson: Don't get cocky and start thinking that you're the best at something. Someone will always come along and one up you. (Lord if that boy doesn't grow up afraid of birthday parties it'll be a miracle!)

What did YOU learn this week?

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Molly Bee's Excellent Adventure!

When I got up this morning , the temps were in the low 30°s. It was raining. The wind was blowing. So I thought 'What perfect weather to spend the day outside! " First I met friends Joe and Steve at the Farmer's Market where I encountered some of the local wildlife and purchased some lovely asparagus and spinach.

There was an antique car show all the way down State Street. It was really neat to see the evolution of what we drive today. Like this one for instance; I don't know how you could see to drive with that thing sticking up in the front. Thank goodness they've worked out the bugs since the old days....

I asked this guy to take me back to 1988 but the Flux Capacitor was out of commission...

This delightful production number is coming to the Orpheum Theah-tah. Ah, I love a lighthearted musical in the springtime!

After I left the guys, I went to Lakeside Fibers to look for some yarn I needed. They didn't have it. And it's good to know that the 'stellar' customer service hasn't changed since I was last there a year or so ago. By this time it was so cold that even the ducks had battened down the hatches!

But I, and a couple of other turkeys, thought it was a lovely day to take our first stroll ever....

through The Arboretum. Why have you people been keeping this a secret from me?! I've never been before! What a treasure!

Even though the flowering trees and shrubs were a couple of days past prime, it was a sight to behold. And the scent...I was dizzy from taking so many deep breaths!

White Lilacs

Purple Lilacs

And Magnolias. Oh my!
Then, since I was in the neighborhood and could no longer feel my face or my feet anyway, I stopped at the zoo. I hadn't been there for a while either. Some of the newer exhibits are nice, but I was surprised in a couple of places how shoddy and unkempt things looked. Maybe it's just early in the season. My camera batteries crapped out from the cold or there would be pictures of meerkats, red pandas, capeberras, tigers and giraffes here!
After the zoo, I took a stroll out on the pier and along Wingra beach. Had to stand still to look out over the lake. Walking took all of my concentration to avoid the goose poop landmines everywhere! I finally returned to the car when it started to hail.
So what should have been a cold-and-rainy-weather-tucked-in-snug Saturday turned into a wonderful 5 hour walkabout adventure. I hope we have a blizzard tomorrow, I've always wanted to visit Picnic Point!

Friday, May 07, 2010

The Cover Piggie

When I went to bed last night, it was cool but I left the window open a dite anyway and snuggled in for the night. Sometime in the wee hours, unbeknownst to me, the planet was plunged into an ice age the likes of which have never before been seen. I woke at 4AM, freezing cold and covered with only a wee corner of the top sheet. The fur beast was all coiled up at the foot of the bed in a nest which consisted of every stitch of bed linen except for the aforementioned sheet smidgen...and he was shivering.

I wheedled and cajoled until I finally convinced him to reluctantly leave his spot and come up the bed, commando style on his belly of course, until he was next to me. Up to that point, at least his tummy had been warm, but that ship sailed quickly as his underside made contact with the fitted sheet which was stiff and had a thin rime of ice on it. Oh, the groaning and moaning! You would have thought he was a 90 year old man! He looked at me forlornly. Yeah, cold up here isn't it? Wonder why that is? I snagged the big puffy comforter and whipped it right up over both of us. He gave a huge oh-thank-goodness sigh and re-coiled, nose to tail, underneath. I got up at 6AM. He's still there.

He may be a monumental cover piggie, but I'm letting it go today. I have to take him to the vet at 2PM for tests to see what's wrong with his boo-boo leg. He's been limping for a month now and it's no better. So if you have a minute, I'd appreciate if you could send some healing thoughts to him today. He thanks you too, but he'll still steal your covers!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday (on Tuesday)

♥On Sunday an unexpected storm blew through; the wind kicked up, the heavens opened and thunder grumbled menacingly. Ben and I hunkered down, watched and marveled. After 30 minutes or so it tapered off and the sun burst through the gray, creating the most brilliant rainbow I have ever seen in my life. Lesson: Batten down the hatches and weather the storm as best you can. You need to survive the dark to appreciate the light. The darkest storms often produce the most amazing rewards.
♥I took this photo at about 10 pm. These two barn swallows have been roosting on the rafters above our patio every night for a couple of weeks now. They put up with us turning on the porch light and galumphing in and out at bedtime, and with my upstairs neighbor performing what sounds like clog dancing on the deck right above their heads. Lesson: Home is what you make it. Bloom where you are planted.
♥Mr. Ben has been bearing up under his confinement very well even though his leg isn't getting better. Instead of chasing his beloved Frisbee or doing hot laps around the park, he's contented himself with soaking up the sun and quietly snuggling his own furbabies.
Lesson: You can't change the tide. Adjust your sails and go with the flow. Happiness is a choice.

Bumper Sticker Wisdom: "Honk if you love Jesus! Text while you're driving if you'd like to meet him in person!!!"

What did YOU learn this week?

Cooper and The Garden Guest

I discovered earlier this summer that finches aren't the only thing that like my thistle seeds. Even though there is a plethora of seeds...