I Broke My Dog

Nablopomo Day 8!

Mr Ben and I just got back from a rousing game of fetch....er... that is to say....a rousing game of 'You Throw The Ball And I'll Go Get It, Bring It Half Way Back And Then Head Off Into The Tall Grass With It Causing You To Chase Me, Catch Me and Call Me A Bad Dog And Making Me To Feel Bad Until You Throw The Ball The Next Time And I Bring It Half Way Back Only To Head Into The Tall Grass Again'. Lather, rinse repeat as needed. He's now laying on the floor wheezing like a bagpipe, but I suspect he'll re inflate in time for supper. It's so hard to be a big doggie.

Did a whole bunch of not much today primarily focusing on procrastinating about finishing the BSJ. Why is it that when you HAVE TO (self-imposed HAVE TO or course but still...) knit something, you don't want to, but when you should be doing something else, all you want to do is knit. I am my own worst enemy.

Off to order the new John Irving Book from the library before you can! Neener Neener! Have a good night!


kmkat said…
Heh. I ordered it Friday from the library; I am #60 out of 62.
DPUTiger said…
This is why I try very hard to not knit or quilt or make anything that has a deadline. I have enough deadlines in "real life" that I'm more than willing to avoid them in my hobbies. Good luck, and I hope Mr. Ben recovered in time for din-din!
dale-harriet said…
You are an INSPIRATION! I mean, I think NaBloWriMo (or wossname) is harder than NaNoWriMo...at least it would be for me. Maybe it's just because novel-writing daily pretty much scotches blogging daily,and the thought of doing both makes my eyes spin in opposite directions (VERY attractive). Sorry I missed Late-Night...but my Dreaded Lecture is over,so I should be able to go again from now on.
YarnThrower said…
That is such a paradox -- the part where you want to knit when you shouldn't, and don't want to knit when you're really trying to get something finished up... let me know if you figure out how to balance out that one, because I've got it bad...

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