Light at The End Of The Tunnel!

Today and tomorrow and that's it for NaBloPoMo! Yay! It's just too hard to think of something interesting to post every day. I'm sure you've noticed!

I put up a few Christmas decorations this morning, but have 99.9% decided to not put up a tree this year. It'll just be me and Mr. Happy Waggy Tail here this year. I have to redecorate the bottom 3rd of the tree every time he goes by it, so I think it will be a low key year in the decorating department.

Went to Last Saturday Knitting this afternoon. I am so blessed to know such wonderful women. We always have a great time. I worked on Grammies second white lace sock. I finished the cuff, did the eye of the partridge heel flap, turned the heel and did half the foot in two hours. And I double checked when I got home...I did it correctly! Usually I'm such a chatty monkey that I have to rip out any work I do at Last Saturday or Knit Night the next day because it's wonky.

Now I'm settling in to watch Dr. Who and Robin Hood and finish the sock and my Christmas knitting will be DONE! Before December! Just barely I know, but it still counts! Have a great Saturday night!


aaron browne said…
don't let terri hear you say that - she'll be calling hourly to convince you to put up a tree!!!
Michelle said…
What? No NaBloPoMo post on the last day of November? (That's Monday, you know.... :-)
Lynn said…
Barely in time? It's just the end of November. Official Christmas shopping season just started on Friday. You are waaaaay ahead on that.