Turns out, Grease IS the word!

OMGOMGOMGOMG, you guys! I just got home from seeing Grease at The Overture Center. Let me just start by saying... SHE-RAH! I made it downtown and back safely AGAIN! This time in concert traffic on tundra covered roads that would make those Ice Road Trucker guys quake in their woolies! That personal triumph aside, Grease was AMAZING!!!!!! I got tickets so that I could see Taylor Hicks from American Idol (I voted for you EVERY WEEK, Tay-Tay!). The evening turned out to be all I hoped for and more. First of all, my seat was THIRD ROW CENTER. That's right! I was court side, People! Any closer and I would have been in the orchestra pit! Taylor was astounding like I knew he would be, but get this... No one told me who was playing the John Travolta role.... ACE YOUNG! Also from American Idol. He was so great in the role-what a voice! Thank God they were only in one song together or I would have broken my fool neck trying to gawk at them both at the same time. And then after the play, Taylor came out and sang a song from his new album. I can't tell you how perfect the night was. I haven't been this happy in a long time. And on the way home...a huge shooting star. I know. It's like a Hallmark movie or something. Sigh... I really got my Idol geek on tonight! Off to bed now. I'm sure to have sweet dreams! Hope you do too!


I like that Taylor guy too. Nice blog decor.
Terri Browne said…
Love the new look on your blog, and I'm glad you had fun last night!
MadCityMike said…
A night that you well deserved, Ms. Molly Bee!
YarnThrower said…
WOW -- Glad I "clicked through" to get to your site! Love the Christmasy look!

So glad that you had a wonderful night out! How exciting and fun!!!