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Diva Challenge 76 and Aerial Maneuvers

OK. Confession time. I cheated on this week's Diva Challenge. I don't have a whole lot of time to spare this week. I'm working on some knitting commissions, and I have a work conference, and there's always the mountain of my entry for this week's challenge, which is to tangle where you're from, is a couple of pieces I did a while back. But they fit the bill, so I'm going with that. I'm all about adapting on the fly this week. I love the idea of tangling where you're from.  I tend to do a lot of Maine designs because I love it so much.  It's beautiful and inspirational to me.

Here is a piece I did when I first started tangling.  I can't remember what that fish tangle along the bottom  was called, but I really like it. I was surprised that a  lot of people missed the moose the first time around!

And here is one that I did as a t-shirt design idea and entered it in the employee art show at work.

It's the second lobster I'…

Arne and Carlos and Diva Challenge

Last night I went to Knitter's Guild where the AMAZING Arne and Carlos spoke. I had wanted to take their Christmas ornament class on Sunday at The Sow's Ear  but I had to work. They couldn't have been more engaging, funny speakers and were very friendly to everyone. They live in an old train station built in 1900 in the mountains of Norway outside Oslo. They've fixed it up to be truly lovely and even landscaped it with gardens that no one though possible at the elevation where they live.  They have been fashion designers and now concentrate on knitting pattern books using traditional Norwegian patterns with a twist. I got both of my books, one on Christmas balls and one on knitted dolls, signed and had SUCH a great time. (I also learned a very important fact. It's pronounced E-kea not I-kea. They should know!)

I didn't get home until 9PM and had chores to do, but I was so reved up after the meeting and anxious to start this week's Diva Challenge that I ditc…

Stress Relief

It's been a pretty stressful week for me.  When I start ruminating, I know what to do! Get out the pen and paper. You can imagine the state of my psyche when this emerged! Yikes.  I call it Weird Science.

Catching Up

Things have been a little crazy around Chez Bee lately. Work has been busy, which I like. The 'kids' continue to amuse me, which is essential to my happiness. Yesterday I had to help a Mechanical Engineer remove paper from the hole punch. His educated mind couldn't grasp the concept I was explaining as 'just wiggle it'. I finally went over, grabbed, wiggled and popped it free and he was incredulous. You would have thought I'd blatantly displayed one of my numerous super-powers.

The Knit Chicks came by for a Girls' (and Ben) Night get-together. I made the mistake of trying to 'teach' Ben not to rush the door and slobber let them get in and settled first.  He didn't take it well and consequently Mr. Life-Of-The-Party sulked in the bedroom all night instead of attending to his honorary aunties. I've never seen him so ticked and pathetic. It was kind of scary at the time because I thought maybe he was hurt or sick, but in restrospect…

Diva Challenge #74: Concentric/Eccentric Circle String

This week's  Diva Challenge was very interesting. It called for the 'string' , or penciled guidelines that you draw and then pattern in, to be concentric/eccentric circles. I think the hardest part was drawing the string and sticking to it. It looked ugly and I wanted to try another, but my rule is to keep whatever comes first no matter what. Thus, I give
Hmmmmm....yeah...I know...WAAAAYYY out of my comfort zone, but it was challenging and that's what it's all about.; stretching and growing. And above all it was fun. That Diva...she sure knows how to throw a party! I can hardly wait for Mondays to come around so that I can see what the new challenge will be!  Thanks again Diva! You ROCK!

Diva's Challenge-UMT Bridgen

This week's challenge was to use the tangle Bridgen from Carol Ohl's blog.  Not a lot of time, so it's not as neat as I usually like-didn't get to clean up a lot of the pencil, but I still like the design so I'm posting it!
One version of Bridgen is the border and another version is the dividing line with the white 'pearls'.  I think the connectors between the pearls kind of look like springs. Even though I didn't have a lot of time, it was relaxing and much needed break. Another great challenge! Thanks Diva!

Happy June!

Hmmmm....Beginning to see the possibilities of the Zenlettering stuff....