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Knightstar Pattern

One of the highlights of my week arrives on Friday afternoon. That's when Genevieve Crabbe over at 'Zentangle Harmony' posts her Weekly Round Up. She gathers all of the challenges, tutorials, new pattern step-outs and other yummy doodley things from that week's  blog posts from the art community and puts them all in one fabulous list. As soon as the bell rings at four PM, I end my work day and start perusing the new patterns. I don't take the time to check out everyone's blogs during the week so this service she provides is invaluable to me. I get a bunch of new step-outs that I probably would have missed otherwise. 
Every once in a while, a new pattern catches my fancy and I obsess on it. Remember my Narwal period?  Or Breakers? Last week is was Knightstar created by teenage tangler, Daniel Lemothe and it so totally ROCKS! It's a gridded pattern and every square is exactly the same; two opposing parabolic curves. Simple, but when put together by rotating …

This One's For Pimped Out Chevy Cruz Guy!

I don't like to be pigeon-holed. I don't think anyone does. I know it's human nature to think that you know all about someone but you don't so...stop it. For instance, I wear purple shirts..a  lot. But just when you think to yourself, 'Hey Self, there goes Molly. She wears purple shirts', I'll turn right around and wear a green one. Just to mess with your mind (ECHO, Echo, echo). That's right. No one puts Baby in a corner! You don't know all about me. I could be Batman! Preposterous? Maybe, but have you ever seen us in the same room together?

With that in mind, I love to run into other folks who don't let society (or you could insert the word 'reality' here) define them. This morning, on the way to work, I encountered their king. He was ahead of me at the stop sign on Nesbitt Road. He was driving a silver Chevy Cruz and it was decked out! It had small tires so it barely cleared the ground, colored hubcaps, custom dual exhaust, decals on t…

Busy Bee

Things have been relatively busy at Chez Bee these days. The weather is getting a little warmer and the winter blues are scampering away. There have been garden seedling to plant and garages to sweep and spring cleaning in general.
I have discovered that I can knit on my evening walks now that my fingers don't freeze off. I knit about an inch a mile. Tuesday night I walked 3.5 miles and last night I walked 2.5 and that (plus the little head start I got at Knit Night last Friday night) gave me a sock leg in record time. Tonight we find out if I can knit the flap and turn the heel at 3.5 m.p.h.! Accomplishing it, and accomplishing it without puncture wounds to my protective outer coating are two different things. The struggle is real.

I drug out 'Tribal Narwal' from the closet where it has been sitting in time out 'thinking about what it's done' and commenced work on it with the hopes of getting it done in time for Expo in July. I hate working on this so much ri…


People say to me all the time, "Molly Bee, why don't you post more bewb pics on your blog"?  So here you go!

I was at the polling place at 6:45 AM, waiting for the doors to open, and I was still Voter Number 98! I suspect that there are MANY of us that don't want to have to pack up and move to Canada in November. I do LOVE Canada, and living on the island they have set up and waiting for us (Cape Breton) would be my dream, I HATE packing!

If you haven't voted yet, please do so....and continue to do so whenever you can. It's more important than ever! 

April Fools Blows In Like A Blizzard and The Definition of Chinese Food

As most of you know, when my Dad passed away on April 1, 1999, my Mum gave me a coin bank that belonged to him and it's one of my dearest treasures. It's one of the wooden box ones with the old post office box door that has a little alphabetical dial lock on it. Since then, I try not to spend any change and just keep socking it away into Daddy's bank. Then I take it to the bank on November 1st (his b-day) and April 1st and cash it in. I didn't get to do it in November because I was just getting home from California, (I felt bad because it was the first one I missed in 17 years!) so it's been a year since it's been emptied this time. I could hardly lift the thing...$192! I also try never to spend $5 bills and when I get 20, I take them in,and put them in savings. I had close to $300 in $5's.  Cha Ching!

I went to Knit Night with the girls Friday night, but didn't knit. I have been working on my shawl so much that I've all but blown out my wrist and t…