Nablopomo # 22

This is going to be short since I burned one of my typing fingers to a crisp on a hot cookie sheet. Am I taking one for the Nablopomo team or what!?!

I receive an email every day called Megan's Munchies. Today's recipe was for SnickerDoodle Pie. It's basically a custard pie with a cinnamon sugar crust on top. It looked good and I had all the ingredients so I decided to make it. Megan made a vegan version but I made the original. It came out great and I'm going to shuttle some up to the boys upstairs in a few minutes. The recipe calls for the pie to be placed and then baked on a preheated cookie sheet in a 350° oven. I wish there had been a step in the instructions that said to make sure your left pinky finger wasn't between the pie dish and the hot cookie sheet when you set it down in the oven. Would have saved a lot of pain. And blue language air pollution. At least YOU'VE now been warned. It turns out that 350° is very, very hot. And pinky fingers don't like it. Not a bit. There. Now go forth and make an awesome owie-free pie!