Sunday, December 31, 2006

Post Holiday Update

It’s been so long since I’ve updated, that I don’t know where to start. So much has happened over the holidays that I’d have to write 20 pages to catch up! I guess I’ll just cover knitting content this time around!

This is the felted hat I made for friend-Donna. The photo doesn’t show it well, but it’s just a basic brimmed hat, navy blue with blobs of color in it. She had mentioned that she would like one when we saw an example of it at The Ear. She used to have one but she left it on a train in Switzerland.

The next picture is of a mitten pattern I test drove, but don’t like it that well. The finger cab is boxy and too big because my Fair Isle is fairly tight. But I did like the afterthought mitten. All in all, I believe that this is destined to be a stag mitten. Maybe I’ll try again and drop a needle size for the finger cap. But not any time soon.

I made my Mum a cardigan but forgot to take a photo. She will send one soon so I can post it. I also made Gram a pair of socks but forgot to take a pic of them. I did take this picture of my socks. It was a pattern that I found in a magazine and I used Lucy Neatby’s Celestial yarn which I have fallen totally head over heels in love with. Figures since it costs 30 bucks a skein! I have extremely good taste! It feels like heavy weight pearl cotton even though it is merino wool. They feel yummy on!

Right now I am working on the top down crew neck cardigan that I couldn’t get the gumption up to do for Gram for Christmas. I’ve onlyworked on it a couple of times in the last week and am already at the place where you put the sleeves on holders, so it is going pretty fast. It is a Casade Quatro-fuchsia and light pink-two of Gram’s favorites. I will remember to take a picture of this one before it goes out the door!

Other than that I am working on another super secret project that I can’t talk about just yet so that kinda sucks, but after that I am going to investigate the world of miniature quilts. Authentic mini quilts have as many pieces as fill sized quilts but on a much smaller scale. They can take as long or longer that a full sized to construct, but take less fabric and take up less room! I think I will start with paper piecing because on such a small scale there is absolutely no room for error or it ruins the whole thing. I also like to hand quilt but haven’t the time or patience to do large quilts so the minis seem to be what I’m looking for. We’ll see.

The Holiday’s went well around Chez Bee. We had a lot of fun and arrived at the other side of the big events unscathed. Mr. Bee graduated Magna Cum Laude and is very greatful to have some down time.

I got many wonderful gifts this holiday; material, spiritual and emotional. Probably my favorite was getting to spend time with my nephews whom I haven’t really been close to the last several years. We had fun on Christmas Day as well as getting together to go geocaching and watch DVD’s. It was amazing to be together again.

My New Year’s Resolution is to get back in the swing of updating this blog more! I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Tis The Season To Be Frantic!

How can a person who got all of her shopping and wrapping and errands for Christmas done before Thanksgiving get to be so frantic the week before the big day??? There is some weird voodoo, fung shui, mystical thing at work here. This week is Christmas Party central-one tonight, one Thursday night, two Friday and then up to Mr. Bee's folks on Saturday. Got the gifties, but forgot about all of the cooking! Whew!
My Mum sent this picture of her cute piggies in the God Awful Green Socks I knit and then pawned off….ahem…that is to say…gifted her with…when I was in Maine this summer; thus making me have to pay up since I bet that they would never grace her feet. Note to self: always use ‘inside voice’ when betting around Mum.

This is a link to my new favorite thing.
I’ve made one for everyone that I have a photo on my computer for. Tooo funny! Thank you Joey T. for being the first to humiliate yourself!

The countdown is on to being able to post more pictures! Soon the secret Christmas projects won’t be secret anymore. I do have one of my Lucy Neatby socks that I knit for myself done. I will try and post that later this week. Her merino Celestial sock yarn may ruin me for any other sock yarn from now on. Too bad it’s like $30 a skein! Shoulda thought to hook up with Santa on that count earlier. Is it too early to start my wish list for next year? I promise I'll be very, very good.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Holiday Quilting Bee and Race Riot

I am still alive. I’ve just been working on Christmas stuff that I can’t talk about! There are mostly finished project, roving and yarn bits exploding out of every corner of my house. Suffice to say, it’ll be about three more weeks before I can post pictures!

Mr. Bee is counting down the days until he is done with college! He has exactly three, count ‘em three, more classes before he’s done. His last class is the evening of the 14th he has taken the 15th off to celebrate by staying home and doing exactly what he wants to do all day! It’s been 4.5 years of homework, books and teacher’s dirty looks. He’s ready to veg on the couch for a couple of days and he deserves it. I'm am so proud of him.

I went with Mrs. M., as her guest, to her quilt guild’s Christmas party a couple of nights ago. The speaker was a wonderful woman named Katie who spoke at length about Underground Railroad quilts. It was a wonderful presentation and she had beautiful quilts. The buffet dinner was yummy and we got free fabric and a quilted bookmark as a gift. Everything was a huge success…except for what I’ve taken to calling ‘the race riot’ in the middle of the meeting. Katie is African American and of course the Underground Railroad Quilts were used by African Americans and a large part of the presentation centered on the fact that African Americans were, and continue to be, treated with malice and prejudice. I think the melee that happened came from a pure place. I think the ladies, the majority of whom were elderly with a little sprinkle of dementia, and nary a one in the room African American herself, were outraged at the stories Katie told about racial mistreatment, and in an effort to assure her that she wouldn’t get that kind of thing from them, they somehow managed to get themselves into this wild hair tangle about who went to a segregated high school and who didn’t and which towns were prejudice and which weren’t. It went on and on and got louder and rowdier and NO ONE stopped it. The ones that weren’t arguing and sniping with each other were shaking their heads, rolling their eyes and giving the others dirty looks. God love Katie. She just skimmed through her notes quietly and waited the 10 minutes for it slow down to a simmer and then continued on with her presentation. I was at once embarrassed for Katie and for the ladies that, I believe, were trying their hardest yet failing miserably, and being highly amused at the spectacle of it all. I think that if it were a younger group there would have been fisticuffs! Older and they would have been slinging their canes at each other! The party was really nice though in an ‘aside from that Mrs. Lincoln how did you like the play’ kinda way and Katie assured the group that she wasn’t offended in the least. I am greatful that Mrs. M asked me because I would have been sad if I hadn’t heard Katie speak. She is a remarkable and talented woman. And I always have fun with Mrs. M. (who was as appalled as I was by the whole thing). I’m sure it will be the most memorable party I attend this holiday season!

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