Road Trip!

*Mr Gobble Gobble strapped in the front seat? Check!

*Mr. Bentley strapped in the back seat? Check!

*Illinois map and driving directions? Check!

*Industrial sized coffee for the drive? Check!

*Instructions for folks staying at my place this weekend conveyed? (Just giggle the will stop!)Check!

*Socks and underwear? Check!

*Enough needles and yarn to teach new sis and 3 branks spankin' new nieces to knit? Check! (Never missing an opportunity to lure minions to the 'dark side'...priceless)!

*Nablopomo # 25? CHECK!

Let's be careful out there today people! If you're jammin' to Cat Stevens today too, seat dance with me! Otherwise put down the Big Mac, the Norellco, the mascera and the cell phone and just drive safely!


Mo said…
Hey Molly Bee!

I hope you and Bentley have a GREAT (and safe) holiday weekend with your family and dog buddies!

Take Care
Terri Browne said…
Since you have an industrial sized coffee, you might also want to bring a map of all of the rest areas along the way!
Kitty Mommy said…
Look out Paris! Here comes Molly Bee!!! and Ben. and Mr. Gobble-gobble.