Ho Ho Holiday Spirit!

It's been a busy weekend as usual. Friday night was Knit Night where I finished a project for me. Then up and at 'em bright and early Saturday for errands and back to the Sow's Ear by 10:00 for charity knitting until noon. I'm making a 2' x 2' cat mat for the Humane Society. Then Friend Anne and I hit the open road to Mt. Horeb for lunch at The Sommer Haus (lovely parsnip soup) and to the Chocolate Shop for dessert; homemade cranberry gumdrops dipped in chocolate! Oh. My. Gosh. I have long suspected that there was a suspicious lack of chocolate in gumdrops and I was right. Great flavor combination. Tart and sweet.

After that we waddled on over to The Cat and The Crow fiber shop and fondled all of the yarn and fleecy goodness. Mo and Rebecca are seriously talented enablers. I didn't buy anything this time but came away with a fierce yearning for my own alpaca.

Then it was off to the Cave of the Mounds for their annual 'Caroling in the Cave'. This time around we heard a local A Capella trio of ladies called 'Ansestra'. They were lovely and the sound in the cave is just amazing. The Christmas spirit so whopped me up side the head that I gaffled poor Santa Claus on the way out and gave him a huge rib-crushing Christmas hug! You would think he'd be used to that kind of thing, but he looked kinda stunned. I'll bet he asks for hazard pay next year!

This morning I went to Walmart for dog food and there was Santa again...sitting in the jewelry department looking sad and alone so I hugged him again! Even though it was just the day before, he didn't recognize me from The Cave Of The Mounds. Either it was so traumatic that he blocked out the previous day's incident or ...well...I'll just say it...Santa may be slippin' a little, kids. All of those years of eggnog and cookies can't be good for the arteries. Lack of sufficient oxygen to Santa's brain makes for fuzzy thinking. I've always maintained that Mrs. Claus must be the brains behind that operation. Just sayin'.

The rest of the day was devoted to chores around the nest and finishing up reading Diana Gabaldon's latest book 'Echoes In The Bone, which is SO GOOD that it led to a lot more of the readin' and less of the chorin' so I'm off to do laundry. Have a good Sunday night and if you see Santa tell him Molly Bee says 'hi'! If enough people remind him, maybe he'll remember me!


Barb said…
Glad to hear Echo in the Bone is "so good" since it is my current read.

I happened to see Santa on one of his not-so-jolly days when Mrs. Santa came marching up to him and insisted he put his wedding ring on immediately!!! She didn't really "look" like Mrs. Santa and she yelled at Santa in front of all these wee children that I was suppose to be photographing. Poor Santa. However,if I remember correctly he really liked it when the giggly,jiggly teenage girls sat on his lap. Bad Santa!
Michelle said…
Wow, your weekend was chock full of merriment! Poor Ben; did he get to have any holiday fun?
Mel said…
At the second mention of Santa, for some reason, I initially read his name as "Satan". Wonder if there's anything to that. :-)
Cimorine said…
oh my gosh! Poor santa! you are so brave! I'm scared of people in suits. Even at Christmas. You are so lucky to have great fiber stores nearby. I miss portland (currently waiting for Finals week to be over) Now I'm totally gonna have to find out what happened the day before. To the archives!