We had our first significant snow of the season last night; during rush hour of course! It took me 45 minutes to make the 12 minute trip home. Most of that time was spent dodging fender benders and weaving around people who couldn't make it up the two 'big' hills between work and home. I made it safe and sound thank goodness but during the evening I counted NINE pizza guys delivering to my 20 unit building. What is it about treacherous roads that makes it open season on the Papa John's guy? It's too nasty for YOU to go out, but it's ok to risk Skippy's 17 year old life for an extra large sausage and mushroom? And those of us who have to be on the roads would appreciate not having another newly-minted, inexperienced, teenager out there with us. Especially one who has to get there in 30 minutes or it's free! Just sayin'.

I had my dental impression made today. The first one got muffed up so I literally made a bad first impression, but I got a second chance to make a good one which is rare! T minus 11 until I can get the first stage of my bicuspid implant taken care of and then only 3 more months after that before I have a full set of chompers again. The missing one doesn't show that much but I'm wicked self conscious about it. I'm sure the faces I make while trying not to laugh or smile are way more conspicuous that if I just let 'er all hang out.

Mr. Ben has had his share of office visits this week too. He got a raging case of the itchy-scratchies and created a bald spot on his side by digging. I took him to his vet, who diagnosed 'some kind of allergy' and put him on a low strength steroid for the next several days. It's worked wonders so far thank goodness. There's nothing quite like an 80# moose-dog engaged in a scratching frenzy at the foot of your bed at 2 AM. I swear it's the equivalent of a 6.9 quake.

Dr. Vet also cut Ben's nails. It's not his favorite thing on the best of days and after he got nipped a little too close last time AND he was itchy, he was....well...less than enthused. He was pretty good though and when they brought him back into the exam room, Dr. Vet skooched down to make it up to him with copious amounts of smooches, treats and sweet talk. Ben was having none of it. He bumped her over onto the floor, promptly turned around and sat on her and then proceeded to casually look around the room through narrowed eyes like he had no idea she wasn't actually a throw rug. She was laughing so hard she was crying.

I'm enjoying having all of my Christmas knitting and shopping done. So much of the pressure is off. Tonight is Knit Night and tomorrow morning is Charity Knitting. I'll make mittens for me during the former and kitty blankets for the Humane Society during the latter. 'Bout the only Christmas thing I have left is baking and I love that so I plan to just enjoy the music (starting with Caroling at The Cave of The Mounds this weekend) and lights of the season and chill this year. May y'all have a relaxing holiday season too!


Michelle said…
Okay, you are TOTALLY disgusting to be able to relax and ENJOY the only things you have left to do this season! I don't plan to do much baking this year because then I do too much eating and I'm tired of the uphill battle after the first of the year to lose the holiday weight I gained. As for the gift knitting and all the rest I still have to do, well, I'd be a lot farther along if those spindles hadn't spun their way into my life. Sigh....

P.S. Welcome back after NaBloMo or whatever it was. You're funnier when you're not under pressure. :-)
kmkat said…
I LOLed at Ben knocking over the vet and sitting on her. Animals are so funny.
Lisa/knitnzu said…
Wow! A photo of Ben using Dr. Vet as a rug would be pretty hilarious... I am not ready for xmas... Made lots of fingerless mitts early on, but I just got my pollyanna yesterday and I'm thinking, maybe I'll make him a scarf... I think we're going low key this year, maybe one big thing for the whole house.
MadCityMike said…
Always good to have you posting and "allowing" a little humor to show.... LOL
We went to see A Christmas Carol last night at the IMAX and LOVED it.....I guess that goes to show that everyone has their own sense of what is worth seeing, eh? :)
Enjoy your baking!
aaron browne said…
as a former Skippy driver, I can honestly say I never minded driving in the bad weather, and people were always much more generous with tipping (which is highly appropriate)! glad to hear ben is doing better - don't need more midnight quakes of the K-9 kind! take care!!!