Guest Blogger: Ben-the-Dog

My Mommy is sick tonight. She has a bad tummy and feels yucky. She says it must be from eating healthier and says she is going back to eating cheeseburgers tout de suite. I don't know what that means. I, Ben-the-Dog, find cheeseburgers quite savory don't you? They are not too sweet at all. Anyway. She asked me, Ben-the-Dog, to write a blog guest post since she joined Nablopomo (National Blog Posting Month) and is supposed to make some sort of entry every day for the month of November. So I sat down and thought about it...

(This is me thinking about it.)

but couldn't think of anything to write so I, Ben-the-Dog, will just issue an invitation to all of you to come over and see my toys and maybe throw the ball. If you throw it, I, Ben-the-Dog will go get it and if you throw it I, Ben-the-Dog, will go get it, and if you throw it I, Ben-the-Dog will go get it, and if you throw it I, Ben-the-Dog will go get it....ahem...times infinity! You get the picture. And if we are extra cute, Mommy will give us cookies. Please come by soon.



Cindy G said…
Hi Ben,

Thank you for letting us know how things are going. I know that at times you have been just a teeny bit hard on your Mom, so I'm really proud of you for trying to help out when she isn't feeling well. Good Boy!

Please tell your Mom that I hope she feels better soon.

Bob Cat
Dear Ben the Dog,

How do you get your mom to understand that if you can see any fraction of the bottom of the bowl showing through the crunchies, it is time to feed us?

Teddy and Musette, the Cats