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Anna and Cherish Update

Hold on to your hats, People! One of my New Year's Resolutions is to be back in the saddle with blog posting!

Today's entry is a little update on Cherish and Anna. These two came to us suffering from SEVERE neglect. Cherish, the horse, had broken her hip  and been discarded and nearly starved to death. Anna the mule was also starving, on top of being kept in a too small enclosure that wasn't tall enough for her to fully lift her head . She had never had her hooves trimmed so they laid out on the ground in front of her feet about  8-6 inches, impeding her ability to walk correctly. They were both covered with sores and infested with parasites. They were both about as big a train wreck as you could get and still be alive.  But look at them now!
 Anna's hooves were trimmed back much more quickly that was originally thought possible and her legs are getting stronger every day. After slowly being reintroduced to food, they both have gained weight and have been given the meds…

The Great Possum Debaucle of 2011

I got to the barn last night and went in the water room to check on the cat, Miss Leroy, first.  I worry about her; she's such a sweety but is deaf and getting up in years so I always pop my head in her 'bedroom' and make sure she's OK.  She was there alright.  She was cuddled in her open cat bed on the work bench...right beside her enclosed cat bed which contained... a possum!  He was all snuggled down in the assorted blankets that are stuffed in there, toasty as could be.  They both blinked at me grumpily in the glare of the bare, overhead bulb, no doubt trying to telepathically tell me to turn the light back off so they could get back to their slumber party.
I am one of those rare folks who thinks possums are finorkin' adorable. They can't help it that their tails look like that.  I went and got a cat crate and put it gently up to the opening of the enclosed cat bed and tried to entice the possum into the carrier by crooning compliments about how cute he was …

Thor: Overseeer of All

Yowza! How 'bout them holidays, huh? I haven't posted forever it seems. Nothing outstandingly exceptional happening, just lots of little stuff. I took some pics for you.
Now that the girls have opened them, I can show you the headbands I knit them for Christmas.
Their high school colors are orange white, and black  I think.  And now I've dug out the Irish Cable (Alice Starmore-St Enda) sweater I've been working on for two years and am determined to finish it before St. Valentines Day.  So SEE! There HAS been knitting!

I've also been drawing since another goal is to have my Etsy Shop up and running in the next couple of weeks or so.  Here is the piece I did last weekend:

But I will be concentrating mostly on the more saleable bags, note cards, bookmarks and jewelry on my shop site. Maybe I will add prints of the larger pieces once I figure out how to do that.
Glass Pendants
I worked every day of my Christmas break at the farm since I couldn't …

Merry Christmas! May The Force Be With You

We are having a snowflake decorating thing going on at work.  The first one I made was a seahorse. I saw one out on the web but didn't like the clunky seahorse design so I designed my own.  Encouraged I made an octopus one...and mistakenly cut it's head off thus turning the hose on my desire to spend too much more time designing my own.
 So I hauled these out. I have been holding on these templates because I absolutely abhor all things Star Wars (No offence George Lucas; it has absolutely nothing to do with you or your stories).  A lot of my  friends don't, feel similarly, I thought I'd make them for their amusement. 
Some Kinda Trooper-not Storm Storm Troopers
I have no idea WTH this thing is!
YODA Merry Christmas, you I wish!

Company Art Show

Every December my company puts on an Employee art show. I put in several entries this year.
 I put in 4 tote bags but only managed to get a picture of two.
 A Tangled Lobster  The Tangled Cubes that friend Brian Stum framed for me. Did a great job didn't he?  He did these too. 9 tiles, cut apart and drawn in no particular order, and then reassembled.  Here's a little closer look. It was a fun surprise to see how it turned out when it was put back together! And this is called "It's The Little Things"  The entire thing is done with a small repetitive motif. Brian did the frame on this too. It won 3rd prize in the show!

Fly Away Home

This guy lives in the prairie across the street. For the past three years I have been trying to get a decent picture of him...any picture of him really.  I usually see him when I am walking Ben and don't have my camera. The following pictures are blurry and awful but they ARE pictures...and you can see his beautiful markings...
Tree top sentinel
 Fly away!  Beautiful markings (Insert theme to "Top Gun' here!)

Chrismas Season Has Begun!

The Christmas Season kicked off in a big way this week. My cards were done, most of my shopping is done, now is the time to enjoy all that the holiday has to offer. On Saturday night I got all tarted up and we went to the Promega Christmas Party:

We had a lovely dinner, played blackjack and listened to music until Midnight. Didn't win any 'major awards' but has a wonderful time.  Steve is such a sweet guy. Handsome too! Winning!

Sunday afternoon was time for my favorite Midwest holiday tradition....Caroling in the Caves at Mt. Horeb's Cave of the Mounds.  There's seating for about 50 people per concert inside the first cavern of the cave. This year they put candles everywhere. It was really beautiful and the acoustics are amazing.

 Beautiful light in the darkness...  Reminds me of religious grotto's I've visited.
 Candles and Christmas lights up the stairs

The singers stand on the stairs.  This year's group was 'Tangled Up In Blue' a women's a…