Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Secrets Countdown

Counting down the days until Ben and I go to my brother's for Turkey Day. Just talked to them last night and found out, that in addition to their 1 year old boxer, they just got a 3 month old Peek-A-Poo or some such adorable little white pup (much like Wee Fergus may he rest in peace!). Old Ben will be in his glory. He needs some play time. He's been a little depressed since he fell off the sidewalk last week. He still has a slight hitch in his gitalong but it's nothing serious. He's just bruised but is being a drama queen about it. He's such a delicate flower!

I finished one of Grammie's Christmas socks and LOVE the pattern. It's a 5 stitch pattern from one of Charlene Schurch's 'Sensational Socks' books.

I also did an Eye Of The Partridge heel which gives it a little different look. I really like how they are turning out and I think I'm going to have to make a pair for me! I'll have to go stash diving because this is definitely a stitch pattern that looks best in a plain color and most of my sock yarn is wild and stripey, but I'm confident that there is probably and errant ball of purple in there somewhere! Can't start them until after the holidays though as I have several Christmas projects in the works right now. Can't tell's a secret!


Anonymous said...

Those are indeed very cute socks!

MadCityMike said...

It is indeed a very nice looking sock. Does that cuff pattern have as much stretch as regular ribbing?

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