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Winter Is the Cruelest Month

I WISH it was only a month. I must admit that, this year, we haven't had a hard winter weather-wise, in fact February has been a dream, snow's almost gone.  I think it's the darkness that gets me most. Makes me want to hunker down and hide in my nest.  Cooper and Ben feel the same way.

Coop wants to curl up and sleep on any available woobie.
Ben wants to sit in my lap and watch TV.
And I want to knit and draw and read and distract myself from the fact that the air outside hurts my face.  I haven't been blogging because I haven't been up to much except creating. Then I thought, 'Well, I could post that I guess.' So, for better for worse...
There's been knitting: Baby mitts (taken before the string was added) for my grandnephew back in Maine.  He has been a bright spot of the winter. What a cutie pie! Working on something for his first birthday in March!
And I knit an owl hat for my Mum for St.Valentine's Day.
Apparently I've been on on owl kick …

Diva Challenge: Valentines

This week's Diva Challenge is to use Valentine flair. I have been trying my darndest to get Gemz down so that's what I used for my tile:

I got Eni Oken's downloadable Gem instruction book yesterday. It was mentioned at the Wisconsin Tangle Artist's Coalition on Saturday.  We were given a demo on gems and the book was mentioned. I love it! But it will take a lot of practice (and better colored pencils than I have right now) to do a decent job.  This is my first tile. The Valentine one is my second. 

Can't wait to go shopping for some new art supplies this weekend!