Christmas Is For The Dogs-A Pictoral Entry

Ben must have been a very good boy last year because he sure got heaps of treats and presents. First he got a new Christmas tug toy. It's a felt braid with a little tennis ball on the end. A least it was. Mr. Ben loved it. Hard.

New Toy

(You know a toy is good if you sprawdle out all froggie-legs to destroy it!)

Then Grammie sent him a new penguin pal.

Oooo! It's so hard to wait while Mommy takes a picture!


Why, he even got his very own Christmas card stuffed with tasty treats!

And...this is what a tasty treat hangover looks like.
(Actually he's not as sad and sick as he looks. He's tired for systematically destroying toys all day. Death to squeakers!!!)

All in all I'd say he had a super day! As for me, I'm excited to be able to finally be able publish pics of the 'Fetching' gloves I made for my sister and nieces for Christmas...

The bad camera angle makes them look all wonky, but they really are all the same length, just poorly photographed as usual! I just love the colors of the Mochi Plus.

Next up: Tales of the Ninja Scarf!


MadCityMike said…
We'll have to start referring to you as the "Cabling Queen"! Very nice job, Ms. Molly Bee.

We wish you a Happy (AND PROSPEROUS!) New Year!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
cards with treats? who knew! wicked nice mitts there missy!
Cindy G said…
Ooh, the mitts are beautiful. Love the colors! (and very nicely matched).
dale-harriet said…
LOVE the mitts -- when we visit next(tonight? I'm writing Tuesday) I'm hoping you can whisper the source of the pattern AND tell me that it's not beyond the skill level of a ....that is....well, that it's easy. :o)
DPUTiger said…
We just got Mini Mochi and Mochi+ at my LYS. I love the colors, and need to figure out something to make with the Mochi+ since I'm not allowed to buy sock yarn (I have tooooo much!