Thursday, June 30, 2011

♫ I Always Feel Like...Somebody's Watching Me...♫

So I was up working on this nine tile mosaic into the wee hours the other night (10:30 PM...this is ME we're taking about). 

I finally decided to go to bed and took Ben out for his last watering of the night. I turned on the patio light and got the eeriest feeling that I was being watched. I normally feel like this but this was different. This isnt' like when the neighbors are peeking out their window to see what stoopid stunt I'll perform next or when aliens are monitoring me...this was creepy-weird.  Ben did his 'bid-ness' and when we went in, I noticed THIS:

All along the eaves...laying in wait....The BIRDS!

They are too big to all be in the nest anymore but they are still nearby.  They really don't like to have their photo taken.  The flash at night makes them 'swear' at me in addition to staring at me with those cold, beady little eyes.  I'll definitely be sleeping with my windows closed from now on....if I can sleep at all!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Friends Are The Family You Choose

It was a busy weekend around the Bee house. I spent lots of time with my Wisconsin Family. Being out here in Wisconsin all on my own would be really scary if I hadn't cobbled together quite a family of friends that I love dearly.  Friday night found me at The Stables at Quivey's Grove with Scott and Michael for a fish fry supper. You know the food is good when you're willingly to wait about an hour to get in, it's so packed. We had a wonderful meal and visit. They are truly brothers from another mother. 

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon with my Last Saturday Knitting sisters, Jen and  Elizabeth and Wisconsin Mom, Dale. Had an excellent time as always and got some more sock knitting done. Dale and I had tentatively planned to go out to supper and shopping at Joanne's but my tummy was acting up so we cancelled for this month. Next month though...look out.  Hopefully my twin sister Mary will be able to join us...unless she gets a better offer like she did this Saturday. A better offer, Mary? Really?

Sunday found me at Cuco's with Joey and Rob, neighbors extraordinaire and Ben's favorite uncles. Cuco's is a new Mexican place in Verona, located where the old Stockade restaurant used to be. I sure hope they are successful and stick around.  They are pretty busy and the food is fantastic so I can't see why they wouldn't. I highly recommend the grilled fish or spinach quesadilla. The company was awesome as usual. I haven't been much time with J and R so it was nice to catch up. 

After lunch I headed out to Ridgeway to Ayers to look for a sleeper sofa. I've been watching the sale ads but haven't seen what I was looking for. Then Sunday Ayers had an ad in the paper 40-60% off so I headed out. I got a heckuva deal on an Englander queen size sleeper. It's hard to find one that is comfortable to sit on and to sleep on but this one fits the bill. It gets delivered Saturday!
This is Ben's morning spot to sun worship!
Over and around all of that, Ben and I did some porch sittin' in the lovely weather. He's feeling lots better and Sunday was especially nice with warmth, low humidity, and light breeze. The only detriment to sitting out there is that it perturbs the barn swallows that are trying to feed the four babies in the nest in the corner. They fuss about and swoop down at us but eventually settle down, until you move and then they start all over again. 
Angry birds (click to biggify-it's worth it to see his grumpy expression!)
This morning there was a baby robin bouncing around the patio and lawn. He can fly short distances but he is sorely lacking in landing skills. He generally runs into a wall to stop and then falls to the ground. Reminds me of my ice skating skills. He'll get it though. It's still early in the game.
Baby Should Be Grounded
So it was a weekend that I needed.  Time with family to ground me, relaxing time with my best pup and wee bits of wildlife flitting about.  Restorative and recharging....Hope you all had a great weekend too!

PS: I updated Mollydoodles tonight with a Diva's challenge as well for those that interested.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stitch and Pitch 2011

I went to my first Brewer's game in the new Miller Park Stadium with the Sow's Ear group last night. The park sponsors a Stitch and Pitch game every summer. They invite knitters/crocheters from all over the state to a game and they have special contests, raffles and even a Miller Park Chorizo Sausage bobble head souvenir...and he's knitting! 
Got on the bus at The Ear and rode to Milwaukee. Got a lot of knitting done on the bus. We tailgated in the parking lot before the game-hotdogs-YUM and then went in to the stadium just as the black clouds rolled in. Got to watch them close the roof which was really amazing.  We signed up for the raffle, collected of Chorizo and headed for our seats on the second floor.

The new stadium is beautiful though I couldn't help but remember the big crane disaster that occurred during it's construction. So sad.  Our section was mostly all knitters except for two guys behind us who were so freaked out by all of the crazy, knitting ladies with pointy sticks that they vacated the premises fairly early in the second inning.
I quickly discovered that though the concept sounds good, knitting and baseball are a kind of oil and water mixture at best. Between being squished into the seats, trying to pay attention to the game, juggling your drink and gigantic sesame-garlic pretzel, having beer splashed on you, having to stand up and gather all of your belongings from the sticky floor in front of you every two seconds for someone who has to get out of your row to go get a snack or go to the bathroom, knitting just wasnt' in the cards. I put it away and spent the rest of the evening enjoying the game. Really enjoying it.. I know! Me! Liking a sport!
The Field
The Jumbo tron
Of course, true to form I was more amused by the fun stuff like the racing sausages and when the mascot, Bernie the Brewer, slid down the water slide into a hot tub when there was a home run!

There was a wicked thunderstorm during the game with strobing lightning flashes and thunder that could be felt and heard over the crowds and announcers!  The power flickered once and led me to entertain what would actually happen should the lights go out while I was surrounded by 40,000 of my closest friends in what is essentially a giant, ramped/corridored/domed gerbil habitat for people, but it didn't happen.
Open roof before the game
             Closed roof during the game
We won the game which was exciting-don't think I've even been to a game where we won before.  When we left the stadium, it was pouring. The bus was parked way out in the dooryard so it was a 10 -15 minute walk in the crowds and we were all drenched for the ride home. All in all I had a great time and I'd go again in a minute. But next time, I'll remember to leave my knitting bag on the bus!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sensational Saturday

My pinkeye is gone. Ben is doing fabulously and things are starting to look up at The House of Bee!  I was mighty worried about the boy Thursday afternoon and Thursday night, but by noon on Friday he was back to his old spunky-monkey self; noshing on extra treats and slaying dragons.
 Whatta??? Is that a dragon?!?!? In MY living room?
 I will nom the dragon! Nom! Nom! Nom!
I wasn't comfortable leaving him alone on Friday night for Knit Night so I had Knit Night come to me in the the form of Dale Harriet and Jen. Ben solicited copious amounts of skritches, snuggles and snogs from both of them, not to mention extra charlie bears to munch. Dale even brought him a new, purple, puppy toy that he loves. His cup runneth over!

Dale was fortunate that she had to bail early to go meet friend Donna because Ben and I subjected Jen to horrendous movies (Superstar and Blades of Glory) until she finally couldn't take it anymore and went home around midnight.  I made good headway on my latest knit project. My cup runneth over as well.

My berry basket also runneth over as luck would have it. I popped over to my local berry farm and picked two and a half pounds of berries.YUM! It's the first weekend of the season and they are still quite small but very, VERY tasty. I farmed a few out to the neighbors and selfishly horded the rest. I was nearly eaten alive by small cricket-like critters the likes of which I've never seen before to obtain them after all so I get the lions share!

I also got yelled at by a crazy guy in a bathrobe for turning around in his dooryard .  My front tires were in the entrance of the long drive to his manse over in a Swankville neighborhood and I was just about to back up when he and the Mrs. and their two shi-shi little dogs came running down the grounds towards me. I didn't know what was going on and I didn't want to run over the dogs so I just sat there thinking that they were coming to pick them up.  Turns out, she was. He was coming down to knock on the hood of my car, give me a stern look and waggle his finger back and forth at me. It was such a lunatic-sit-com situation, that I'm afraid I'm guilty of laughing in his pretentious  face. Honey! After the week I've had, your wiggle-waggle finger and the sight of your bloated, terry-clad body are the very least of my worries! Thanks for the smile!

How was YOUR sensational Saturday?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wanna See?

Wanna see what $3500 looks like?

Wanna see what $1500 more looks like?

Wanna see what a stoned dog looks like?

 He had surgery this morning to remove the metal plate from his previous surgery onhis leg and repair a meniscal tear in the front of his knee as well. He's not happy about the big bandage on his leg,  He's having a hard time waking up and is crying a lot. All in all it has not been a good day for Mr. Bentley. Me thinks it's going to be a long night for us both!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Parade Photos

I love the New Glarus Firemen. Every few yards they stop and unload the ladder and hold it up straight...
And one of the guys climbs to the top and then back down.

Trinity Irish Dancers

 Be sure and biggyfy this one. Grandpa's little dears slept through the whole noisy parade!

 Maynard the Madison Baseball team mascot                    Finorkin' zombies just keep coming!
Dogs and cow wandering the streets....
You know your summer job sucks when.....

Monday, June 13, 2011

Again With the Not Posting!

Sorry! I seem to be running around like a headless barnyard fowl more than ever these days!  The warm weather brings lots of opportunity to do fun things.  This in turn allows me to escape household chores which is my one true goal in life, so out the door I go!  Recent events include:  movies with friends (Pirates of the Caribbean and Super 8-both of which were awesome), dinner and Verona Hometown carnival with friend-Steve, Knit In Public Day with the Naughty Girls at The Sow's Ear, Tai Chi practice, sofa-bed shopping and other things that I'm sure I've forgotten!

While we were Knitting in Public Sunday, the Verona Hometown parade went by. It was pretty awesome-over and hour long! Here are some photos.
 Cottage Grove Belly Whistlers (this was my favorite float of the parade)
 Biker Bears

 Very cute circus train with a lot of cars
 Circus Cars
Circus Cars
It's always fun until the buzzards show up
 Everyone knows that buzzards always herald in the giant zombies

The zombies were part of a Haunted Barn that holds a Zombie Prom.

Holy Molar! There were so many cute things, I'll have to post more tomorrow!

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