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Serendipity! I created this tote bag for a lady and then today The Diva  called for Halloween-themed tangles! (Challend # 46: All Hallow's Eve). Trick or Treat!

I've Apparently Only Scratched The Surface

I've had one of those weeks. I was driving to a doctor appt this afternoon, feeling world weary and jaded. Wondering that the point of everything was. Feeling like I'd seen it all... and then I saw this!
(Click to biggify, you won't be sorry!)
 Yup! Those are all glued on there.  Love the water ripples painted on!
Are the boots sitting next to the car not the piece de resistance? A+ for attention to detail!
And they say G*d doesn't listen.  This is a clear message that I haven't seen it all. I've only scratched the surface!

Farm Photos

I have more bag and pumpkin photos to post, but I thought I'd break it up a bit today and show you pics of my two favorite boys at the Farm:. I didn't take these picture which is why they are so good. They are from the farms Facebook site. I encourage you to click on them to biggify.

This is Sonny.  Lore has it that the entire sanctuary started with Sonny. The owner got him when he was a chick and raised him in her house.  He is quite the people person, in that he LOVES people AND he thinks he IS one. He follows us all around the barn and loves to be picked up, cuddled and talked to.  I never thought much about barnyard birds until I met Sonny and realized that they all have their own, distinct personalities. Sonny was my main man until very recently when I found my snuggles and attention divided between him and ...
PHIL!  Phil was an urban chicken who was supposed to be a girl (hence his name "Phyllis Diller").  The family he was with treated him like a pet and cuddl…

Diva Challenge 45-Punzel

Two entries in one night. Here is my Diva Challenge for this week:

The challenge was to use a new pattern called Punzel. It's braidy ribbon thing in the middle.  This challenge was a real challenge for me. I couldn't keep track of my ribbons! I'll have to practice a bit more on that one!

Wild Weekend

Friday night was Knit Night at the Sow's Ear. I am knitting and have been knitting but not posting about it because Hristmas-cay Is-ay Oming-cay.  Shhhhh!  The Naughty Girls' ranks were down but we rallied the best we could- telling dirty jokes and irritating the others around us. Business as usual but it just wasn't the same. Jen and Bethie were sorely missed!

Saturday morning found me out at the farm loading the Nigerian Dwarf goats into the back of a pickup truck to take to Mounds Pet Food Warehouse to promote Heartland's upcoming Barn Dance. Diana is about 50 # and jumps into the back of the truck easily. If not, I don't have much problem lifting her. Clark who is somewhere between 70# and 80#...not so much.  It was all I could do to lift him onto the tailgate-both coming and going. It wasn't pleasant for him or me. Note to self: build ramp.

Sarah bravely drove the goat-laden truck over to Mounds and we set up shop inside the store from 10AM-1PM.  The kids …

It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

So the MollyDoodles Tote Bag Show is over and you thought I'd stop talking about them finally didn't you? That's one of the things I love most about you; your Charlie Brown 'please-let-me-kick-the-football-again' positive attitude. Nay I tell you! It's still all totes all the time at Chez Bee! Now I'm working on the custom orders that I got after the show!

Here is one I finished last night for Brenda. She took pics of several bags and pointed out the aspects she liked most about each bag and then asked me to combine them on a 3-pocket model. The pic looks kind of yellow because I took it right after I finished it in the dark at middle-of-the-night o'clock.  But if you click on it to biggify, you can see the details.

I finished another one on Monday night but can't post a pic of that one until the owner sees it. It's a wallet size one with a specific theme. So guess what?  Probably another tote bag entry tomorrow!* 

*Several of you have expressed…

I'd Like to Thank The Academy!

Renee Anne over at Confessions Of A Yarn Addict bestowed the above award on me this week. (Check out HER blog! It's got everything; yarn, babies and great narrative!) Squeee! As a blogger I love comments and recognition and this one is really cool...the deal is that by accepting the award I must:

1. Thank the blogger who presented it to me and link back to their page. (Thank You Renee Anne!)

2. Share 7 things about myself.

3. Pass this award to 15 newly discovered blogs.

OK, # 1 was a cake walk.  #2. Not so much.   I'm all about the sharing so ya'll know all of my deep dark secrets already. Telling you 7 things you don't already know may be tough, but I'll give it a shot...

1. I bonked my head hard at the farm last night and literally saw stars.  See! You didn't know THAT because it just happened. I misjudged my staggering height (5'2") and stood up quickly in the chicken coop, which I had just crawled into on my knees. Apparently, I'm not particularly…

Diva Challenge # 44

Not much time today but I wanted to try this week's Diva's 44th Challenge; to take one tangle and use it as a string and then completely fill it with a different tangle. I went fast, cheap and dirty and used HEARTY as my string and AAH as my fill. Simple and easy!  I've missed the last several challenges while I was getting ready for my show. It's good to get back in the saddle!

Today's Creation

Actually last night's.  I got orders for custom bags at the show but couldn't get started on them because I didn't have the bags themselves so I indulged in some good old fashioned doodling on paper for the first time in two months. Here's a scan of the piece I did.  I like the concept of this, but there is something intrinsically wrong with it that I can't put finger on. The spacing of the magnifiers maybe?  It's an 8x10 idea of something I'd like to do a lot larger but not if I can't figure out what's up with it.
Anyway, for better or worse....

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Sow's Ear Show

First of all, thanks to everyone who came to the show on Friday Night. It was a huge success and I had an absolute blast seeing all of you.  I've had several requests for photos from friends and family who couldn't be there. So here are the photos I took after I set up in the afternoon before the festivities began.

This is the front room where all of the large bags were displayed.
 Here's a little better close-up of them  And another view  The medium and small bags as well as the door prizes were displayed in a smaller room in the back of the store.  Here are the mediums.  A couple more mediums.  Another shot of the mediums  Only had three wallet sized ones  Here are the small ones and the door prizes: a doodled pumpkin, a small bag with sock yarn and needles and a doodled hat.  Here's a close up of the hat. And some doodled necklaces.
The show went really well.  I think the real drawing point was the free cake but I didn't get a shot of that. In the two hours I was there, …

Molly Doodles Tote Bags Gallery Show and Sale

The big day is almost here!  Friday is a big day for me. It's the reason I haven't been posting regularly and have spent every spare minute drawing.  The Sow's Ear will be showing and selling my bags from 6-8 on Friday night!  It's a big day for me because it's the culmination of a lot of long hours. And it's a big day for my friends and family because at long last I will stop yapping about it!  But before I do, here's one more reminder
(Double click to biggify for the deets!)
I have over 40 bags, each a unique hand-drawing-not a screen print. Different sizes, colors and prices for all of your holiday shopping and knitting project needs! Here are a few examples.

 Small gift bag-black and white' Small gift bag-color  Medium 3 pocket knitting bag Medium 3 pocket tote  Large tote-black and white  Large tote-color
I'll also have 30 doodle necklaces for sale:

And best of all...FREE CAKE!  :-) Hope to see you there!

Up The River Without a Paddle

I am happiest on a boat; speed boat, leaky dingy, rubber raft, doesn't matter. One of my very parts of summer is going for boat rides on Mattawakmeag Lake in Maine. This summer, my Uncle Donn took us up the lower lake and up into the river for a ride on a gorgeous day in September. (Double click on the pictures to biggify-it's worth it!) Uncle Donn and his first mate, Aunt Marion  Top of the lake nearing the mouth of the river.  Just inside the mouth of the river.  I love the reflection in the still water.  River Bend  Double clouds-above and below  Wasp nest on the side of a tree right on the water.  Beaverhausen  Good Fishin' Hole!  Headed for home The mountain in the distance in Mays Mtn.  The lake sits in a bowl at it's foot.  Heaven on earth!
Next Time: Mollydoodles Totes!