Friday, May 31, 2013

I Claim This Blog In The Name Of Molly Bee

I've been thinking a lot about my blog lately. I haven't been blogging like I always did because it came to my attention a while ago that I have a very unwanted blog-stalker.  I've caught this person, twice, talking to others about stuff that they could only know by reading my blog,  but phrasing it as if I had told it to them personally and that we're best buds, which we most definitely are not. This person has taken big time advantage of me. They have no empathy or sense of moral decency.  I was shocked to discover, after all that has happened, that they would take such a rabid interest in my life, so I kind of shut down. 

I've finally processed the problem to the point that I have decided that the whole situation has more to say about the stalker's guilt and sad, small, life than it has anything to do with me, so I have decided to start blogging again as I see fit. The stalker has no right to information about my life, and I really can't understand why they are so obsessed with not only learning what I'm up to, but bringing it up to others out of context. Unfortunately, I have no recourse to stop them from reading it. Believe me I looked. A blog is a public thing and the person in question is devious enough to go around any roadblocks I could set up. This is a person who takes whatever they want regardless of the consequences.  I have decided that if I cannot stop them, then I will welcome them. 

So welcome! Come see my life! Share in my happiness, peace and growth. See what  a life well lived with family and friends, who love and care for each other without reservation and without using each other, looks like. Discover what it is to care for causes and people other than ones that will fill your purely selfish intentions. Learn. I have decided that you have taken enough from me, you'll not take my blog too. Let the blogging begin again.  

I've been benched this week and have been finding things to do in between naps that don't much require movement.  I finished these socks.
 I got this Zentangle half shaded.
 And I played with some scratch-off paper that I got a while back. 
 The paper is silver holographic Mylar underneath with a thin layer of black paint and you scratch it off like you would a lottery ticket.
Because of the holograph, it's difficult to photograph. In the photo above, there are no colors on the foil underneath.  Light shining on the foil where the black has been scratched away makes the colors. Cool huh?

And cooler still is that I, Molly Bee Blackthumb, have planted seeds and  managed to coax a green living thing from the soil. Behold...lettuce!

And because he has been sorely neglected on here from quite some time, Mr. Ben, relaxing in his new living room .

So, thank you for stopping by....whoever you may be. Everyone is welcome; family, friends, fellow artists, people who have been referred here or accidentally stumbled in and even people whose main purpose in life is to be an shinging example to others of how NOT to be and not to conduct your life. Peace to all who enter here. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

First of all, here is this week's Diva Challenge entry. I like to put them at the top of the entry so she doesn't have to fish for them when she puts her slide show together. It was to do a monotangle using 'Bales'. I use Bales a lot in my work so I really enjoyed  this one.

The weekend started off so well! We planted Swiss chard, lettuce, walking onions and spinach in the kitchen garden.   Doesn't look like much but it runs all the way along the wall.
 And pruned the jungle of bushes that had invaded the flower garden space. You couldnt' see the air conditioner because of that low lying little bugger to it's left and his identical twin on the right.

And got the petunias, flag holder and solar stakes in .
 The Knit Chicks came over on Saturday afternoon and we had an awesome time. I got a lot of a pair of socks knit. Supper on Saturday night at La Vita Dolce  with Scott and Michael was delish. I went to bed earlyish with an excellent book (The Burgess Boys) and drifted off for a peaceful night's sleep. That's where the 'good weekend' ended and the 'evil weekend' started. At 2:00AM  I got sick and stayed sick for two days so nothing else got done. Sunday I was in bed all day. Today I wandered around feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. At least it didn't hurt my stomach to sit up today like it did on Sunday so I finished the shading on the photo mat that I started a while ago. I think it's 10x12. It's an odd size. I got it at a framing shop in the 'weird sizes that no one can fit photos in bin'.  
We did watch a couple of great movies.  The Big Year and Beastly. Tomorrow, if I continue to feel better, it's back to work where I can spend the entire week confused as to what day it is because we had a holiday today (for which I'm extremely grateful).  Anyway, that's all the news there is to report for now. Onward and upward!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Which Schway Did He Go

This week's Diva Challenge was to use Maria Thomas' awesome new tangle 'Schway'.  It's probably all kinds of illegal but I'm going to cut and paste the directions here because it is just so nifty: Two simple steps make all of those arrows!

I thought about not posting this challenge entry  because, while I was so anxious to try this pattern-as well as take a much needed stress break, the resulting tile was less than stellar. In fact it down right stinks, but it did the job as a stress reliever anyway. My challenge rules are that I always go with the first attempt. Sometimes it works. In this here particular case....not so much.

So to apologize, I will share this one that , while unshaded, I am much happier with. It's one of my favorite Maya Angelou quotes. I did it on Friday night at a coffee shop while I was visiting with the Knit Sisters. You can double click on it to make it a little bigger.

If and when I get it shaded, I'll repost.

At any rate, thanks again Maria for a cool pattern and Laura for a wonderful challenge. I'm sorry my first attempt didn't do it the justice it deserves. I am looking forward to refining my execution of this pattern once things settle down again!

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