Layin' Low

I have a humdinger of a headache today. Last night it was a migraine but it's backed off some and I can see out of my right eye again. Now I'm just left with a steady thump and foggy brain. I don't get them very often for which I'm eternally grateful!

Today is a stay at home day for the most part. I had plans to go to numerous craft shows and yarn shops with friends but begged off. Then I was supposed to go to game night in Stoughton tonight but called I cancelled that too. I can't imagine driving to Stoughton in the dark with this head! I did go get a few groceries and took some stuff to the library and that was more than enough movement for one day.

I got the new Diana Gabaldon book from the library today. I've been waiting for it for months, but can neither see nor comprehend it in my present state. Irony. Bleh. Can't even work on my knitting! The application for comprehending small print and fine details is still rebooting.

National Geographic channel is showing back to back Explorer shows so I am listening to that in the background: all my favorite topics-bog mummies, buried cities and what ever happened to Princess Anastasia. Later I think I'll bake a pecan pie to go with my baked beans, fresh bread and potato salad supper and then shuttle most of the rest of it up to Hef and Mike. I've had a hankerin' for pie but don't need a whole one sitting around my house! Just a slice or two thank you! It's nice to have neighbors who appreciate baked goods!

I think I'll go try a nap and see if I can get it together enough to be able to knit after supper. Hope you all are having a great Saturday!


Lisa/knitnzu said…
Ah, so that's what you did. So sorry! I LOVE bog mummies!!! And I want to make EZ's bog jacket because of it. One of these days. You know, too much yarn, too many ideas, not enough time. Feel better!!
MadCityMike said…
I hope you feel better by the time you read this!!! Sounds like you know how to take care of well soon!
Cimorine said…
feel better! get better! listen to music/podcasts! rest! :) doctor's daughter's orders (my dad's a doctor)
Terri Browne said…
Nothing like a meal that consists of nothing but side dishes and dessert...yum! By the way, we appreciate baked goods...feel free to drive some up to the twin cities anytime! :) Speaking of which, when are you and Ben going to visit us???