Halloween Squirrelannigans

I spent four hours carving those pumpkins. So imagine my dismay when I found this yesterday. I must admit I threw a wee bit of a hissy fit. One of my neighbor hooligans has sliced off the Celtic knot and stolen the lid of my time-consuming creation! I love my neighbors. What had I done to tick one of them off? What would be next? Keying my car? Mugging me in the garage? Oh the angst!

A little later, as I was moping about it on the sofa, Bentley got really enthused about something outside. I got up to look and found THIS:

A HA! The culprit! And upon closer examination...

Oh No! A dingo ate my baby! Uh...well... a squirrel ate my pumpkin puppy! It's just as traumatic! I banged on the door and ran the little varmint off, only to feel bad about it when I found him trying to pay for his Halloween feast with squirrel currency later on. As I write this there are about a half a dozen more in there. I think he's payed handsomely and left a big tip.

At least they were both intact and lit for Knit Night at my house on Friday night. We had a great time knitting and feasting....

Snug as drunken little bugs while the chill October wind blew outside. Did I mention that we discovered the joys of Chocovine? Oh. My. God. I highly recommend it, but not if you are knitting anything of any consequence. I had to rip out about 18 inches of sock foot the next day. I wonder how long it would have been if they had stayed later? I probably would have run out of yarn eventually but still. It's a good thing we wrapped up a little after midnight!


DPUTiger said…
Rotten varmints! Bummer!

Glad you had a good Halloween. We had a very quiet evening here.
Elizabeth said…
Nasty evil squirrels!

I wondered if you were still sleeping off Friday night's excesses yesterday afternoon.

But normal First Friday Late Night is coming up soon!
Terri Browne said…
pesky little squirrels!! :( your pumpkin carvings were very impressive!