Costumes! Costumes! Costumes!

I hope Cousin Crystal doesn't mind me pinching this picture from her blog. I think this is the coolest costume ever! She is expecting twin sons any minute now. In fact rumor has it that she hasn't delivered before now just so she could wear this for Halloween! I don't blame her! Too cute!

Our office party was decidedly dark this year.....The grim reaper and Draculetta showed up...

Genghis Kahn was in the house

Dave didn't wear a costume. He just came as...well... Dave.

And even I came as the scariest think I could think driver's license photo!

I won the prize for the funniest costume but believe me, my driver's license photo IS NOT funny! Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!


DPUTiger said…
OK, your drivers license idea is just TOO funny! Love your cousin's costume is awesome too. Excellent!
Terri Browne said…
ha ha -- very creative! i love it!
Elizabeth said…
Great costumes all around!
Cindy G said…
Have to admit I'm patial to Ghengis Khan.
Crystal said…
I don't mind one bit! I love your costume!!!!! I held out just long enough as I am in the hospital and going to have these boys tomorrow! I love you!
Cousin Crystal's costume ROCKS!
I'm going to steal your driver's license idea--if I can remember it a whole year.

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