Diva Challenge: Use New Tangle Arukas!

Yesterday was a long, difficult day so I was pleased as punch to sit down with a couple of tiles and work on the Diva's Challenge for this week. Laura is back after a short sabbatical and her tangle this week was to use the newest Zentangle pattern 'Arukas', designed by Molly Hollibaugh. (See below.) A clever person at our Zentangle Artist's Coalition meeting realized that 'Arukas' is 'Sakura' (the name of the pens we use to Zentangle) backwards!

This tangle has lots of possibilities. I made it BIG in the first tile. 

And smaller in the second tile. 

I wish I had doodled at the table like I usually do, but I was hunkered in the fetal position in the corner of my cozy nest with my snugglie woobie due to an excruciating Monday, so my lines are a lot wonkier than I'd like, but I LOVE the new pattern! 

Thanks for another great challenge, Laura, and a great new pattern Molly!


Betsy Wilson said…
Both of these tiles are great! Great contrast in the first. Awesome little scene in the second!
Didisch said…
Both are great. The first one looks to me like a church window (glas in stain) with beautiful colors because the sun is shining outside. And the second one is so organic, a beautiful garden with a Arukas Sun in the sky.
Love the richness of the first one, with the other tangles woven into the Arukas. Both are lovely.
Ilse said…
Both tiles are very pretty! I especially like the Akuras garden ;-)
Dorita Menconi said…
Fabulous tiles! I don't see any wobbly lines and I hope your week gets better.
The first one is so grand ...like it is embracing outerspace. And the second one is so cozy and homey with it's organic influenced tangles...wonderful creations!
LonettA said…
Both are beautiful! Especially I like the first one ... it´s gorgeous!
ChristineC said…
I am agree with you, this pattern has a lot of possibilities and your variations are very nice.
Kia said…
lovely versions of the new tangle - especially like the big one, although, having said that, I love the other one too!
I like them both and it's not very wonky at all.
Beewatch said…
Your tiles are gorgeous! My favourite is the first one. It'so intricate.
ledenzer said…
Gorgeous! Very rich patterning with the Arukas!
Nat Wout said…
Very nice tiles the both of them. I love the summer garden feel of the second.

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