Beluga Babble

I went to Chicago with friends yesterday. It was a gorgeous day. The sky and the lake were both so clear and blue it hurt your eyes! Since I was on his turf, I looked around for Franklin. Obviously I didn't look everywhere, but I covered quite a lot of ground and never find him. He's a pretty good hider that Franklin.

If you happen to see someone who looks like me on the National News some night soon, it IS me! I got interviewed by an Associated Press camera man about the new holiday airfare taxes while we were dropping a friend off at O'Hare. I had a lot of opinions on the subject, especially that $25/bag fee. I thought it was funny that he chose me, especially since I wasn't even traveling. If you see me on the News in regards to grand theft auto, kidnapping or generally running amok in some other way, please disregard. That whole business has been cleared up now.

The highlight of the trip was a visit to the Shedd Aquarium. What a beautiful facility.
We saw some amazing animals, including this flirty guy. Handsome devil isn't he?
And this one. I have always been fascinated by sea dragons. They had two varieties at the aquarium. This one is the graceful leafy kind. They don't even look real. I think they are really from outer space and that Torchwood should be called immediatly. Anyone have John Barrowman's telephone number?

(Click to biggify. You won't be sorry!)
Interestingly enough, while there, I discovered yet ANOTHER superpower! I KNOW! I'm collecting them all right? I was using my 'all-purpose animal noise' (make fish lips and suck in making a high pitched squeaky noise and punctuate it with all kinds of 'here babys' and ' you're just the cootest widdles' you can throw in there) when this little lady came scooting right over and looked at me and started making all kinds of whistles, clicks and burps. She'd turn her head this way and look at me with one eye...

Then she'd swim off a little, come right back over and turn her head back the other way and scope me out with the other eye...

Then she'd toss her head back and squeal...
It was then that I realized, that all of these years, I have been speaking fluent Beluga and didn't even know it! I'm a bonified savant! I suspected that I was speaking Humpback once, but it was actually the man standing next to me on the boat. Anyway, she stuck around and gabbed with me for ten full minutes before she had mined all of the day's events out of me and swam away. It was so surreal. It was one of those special moments that you'll always remember.


YarnThrower said…
You are so funny! I *did* click to biggify, and you are right -- I was *not* sorry. We went to Shedd a few years ago and loved it, but the beluga had just had a baby and was bonding with her baby, and so they wouldn't let the public see her...but the dolphins were amazing! Your pictures are so great!
Cindy G said…
Very Cool!
MadCityMike said…
Looks like you had a wonderful day!
I bet that is the baby. I didn't get to see her last spring because there was remodeling. I will try chirping at her when I go this spring. I accompany our fifth grade class on their annual trip to Chicago.
chocolatesheep said…
I wish I could speak whale.

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