Tuesday-The New Monday

What is it about Tuesdays around here lately? Honest to God. It's enough to drive a girl to drink! We had our meeting this morning where we all listened to the departmental Spin Doctor take everything everyone said, change the word order and regurge it back at us in his patently pompous manner. When he wasn't at it, the departmental weasel was taking credit for everyone else's ideas from last week's meeting. To top it off, the Big Boss had no knowledge of a web page on our site that I am responsible for. I've only been creating the metrics and updating the thing monthly for seven years. It's one of the main parts of my job and is done mostly for her benefit. I left the meeting with my knickers all in a knot .

As soon as we get back to our desks, the fire alarm goes off. I am the fire marshall for my area. I am to see that the four conference rooms are empty and that the doors are closed and that everyone is out of the building. Sounds simple enough, eh? Especially since this was obviously not a drill. We are always told in advance about those. So I quick run and close the doors and come back to find 80% of the department standing around the cake on the treat table speculating (loudly as to be heard over the deafening blare) about why the alarm is going off. I start cracking the whip telling them to get OUT OF and AWAY FROM the building. This is not a drill! It's like nailing Jell-o to a tree. They couldn't be less interested in leaving the cake. They couldn't be less appreciative that I am potentially saving their lives.

Finally I follow the last one down the stairs and out the side emergency door. Remember the AWAY FROM part of my instructions? Too complicated apparently. One of the kids is standing blinking in the sunlight by the door jamb looking around as if he's afraid to actually venture outside. One is in the puckerbrush to the right of the door looking at flowers and butterflies. Another is sitting cross-legged on the doorstep nearly getting whacked by the door each time someone comes out. They are all bi*ching that they have work to do. They shouldn't have to leave. There's no smoke or flames...yadda yadda yadda.

OK. It's over. False alarm. We can all go back inside. So do they rush back in to do the work that they were so concerned about leaving? No! I have to try and round them up, while they doodlebug around like baby ducks on crack, to get them back inside. It was harder than getting them out in the first place! I call them my 'kids' and I love them dearly but in reality they are all 30-40 year old Ph.D. scientists. My job shouldn't be this annoying!

OK Rant over. I knit a 6" square out of Red Heart Acrylic last night. I am going to make a bunny out of it. The pattern is on the Heartstrings website. I contacted the owner and asked if I could distribute the pattern to the ladies over at Hospice so that they could be made up and given to patients as part of the Dorie Bear program and she said it was OK. I'll try and make one tonight after my haircut.

The Dorie Bear program is one where Hospice collects new Teddy Bears to give to patients who are in the center. I thought these might be a nice addition especially for the older patients who tend to chose the smaller bears because they can hide them easier. They want them. They just don't want folks to know they want them! Especially the men. I'd like to have a basket of them ready next time I go in to Volunteer. We'll see. Busy week.


Eli's mum said…
I can't believe how much time I just spent reading back issues of your blog! I could have just waited until Friday, when you could have told me in person. But it was fun! Your shrug is beautiful, and it looks as though it fits just right. Of course, if you lose more weight, you'll have to tink out bits.
Sister Sue said…
The story about your co-workers cracks me up! You are a great story teller. Just added you to my list of regular reads...