Seafoam Scarf and Tofu Talk

I finished the seafoam scarf I've been making out
of the SoySilk yarn. I am amazed that it is actually made out of proteins from the residue
from making tofu. I love tofu and now I love it even more! It's multi purpose! Stir fry it! Knit it!
Just don't bake it into a cheesecake. I tried that once fifteen years ago and have yet to live it down. Tofu is many things. It is not, it turns out... a decadent dessert. No matter how much chocolate glaze you drizzle over the top trying to disguise it. Oh it looks gorgeous and yet it still tastes like...well...bean curd covered in chocolate sauce. And it will put you in the pastry dog house for years no many how many 'good' desserts you make after that.

Here is a close-up of the pattern. It's not blocked yet. It's just a series of dropped stitches. The pattern was a freebie that Heather down at The Sow's Ear designed. It's on their website Look under patterns. It's called Silky Wool Seafoam Scarf...but I think when Heather sees how this works up in tofu she will change the name to The Sucky Cheesecake But Totally Terrific Tofu Scarf or something.

I was going to take a picture of my 'Violets By The River' lace shawl. I am so impressed with Jerry's lace work over at When Knitting Was A Manly Art. I'd been drooling over it for over a year when I decided to bite the bullet and take a class at The Ear. Usually I pick up stuff pretty quick but this class was an exercise in frustration for me (and the other two ladies in the class) despite my teacher Amy D. who has the patience of Job. The jokes were that it was really called 'Violence By the River' or better yet, 'Violets by Chernobyl' since our lacy flowers were so misshapen. Some had 3 petals-some 7. Plus I made mine in silk that is not stretchy at all so you couldn't even count on that to cover up the bad....that is to say...eccentric...spots. But I followed through and although it hasn't been blocked yet it is done. Unfortunately so is the battery in my camera. It gave up the ghost after I took the scarf pictures. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.


Scotti B said…
Yeah, well...that cheesecake was ummmm..unique. But the scarf turned out very nice indeed!
Ted said…
"Amy D."? Now would that be Amy Detjen?
MollyBeees said…
The one and only. Fabulous knitting teacher extrordinaire
MollyBeees said…
Ooo! That went away too quickly! Amy D was my Fair Isle and Lace teacher. She's a stellar teacher-very patient.