Monday, June 19, 2006

Sweet Tart Socks and WIP (Work In Progress)

I finished my Sweet Tart socks. I SOOOOO loved doing them both at the same time so I didn't get one all finished and then have to start the second from scratch. The leg and top is a garter rib and looks kinda waffley but you really can't tell in the picture. (Nice shadow of my head in the lower right! )

And this is a landscape quilt that I have been working on most of the late winter and this spring. My Mum is an amazing landscape painter and always says not to keep dinking with a painting once you get it done because you can always find a little thing to add here or there and before you know it you've over done it. But I don't listen to her. Never have. Ask her. She'll tell you. 'Over done' is my middle name. So I've spent months alternately letting the thing sit and 'rest' and adding leaves and branches here or there. It's beginning to border on being a FrankenQuilt so I'd better quit and get it quilted.

I thought I'd hang it in my living room and replace the quilt I have there now. Which is this one. It's been up for ~5 years . It's getting a little old.

Anyway. Not much time tonight. Good movie on Lifetime. See where my priorities lie? Off to finish my knitted shrug. I'm all about finishing all my WIP's before I start another darn thing. Today anyway. There is a very high probability that something shiny will catch my eye tomorrow and then all bets will be off! But for tonight at least I am the picture of industry and virtue!

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