Only a 2.5 from the Romanian Judge

I fell in a hole. Heavy sigh. Scott and I went up-country to visit his mother. It was DairyFest weekend. We were walking downtown to see the parade. The streets were all blocked of so we were out on the tar instead of the sidewalk. There was a petting zoo on the right and while I was making cooing noises at the goats, I stumbled, did the some amazing gymnastic moves and then fell in a huge pothole, hitting the far, raggedy-concrete/tar edge with both knees, my left arm and a shoulder. Didn't even come close to sticking that landing! Of course I popped right back up and claimed I was tough, it was alright, hardly hurt at all-blah blah blah. I felt like such an idiot- falling (literally) for the oldest trick in the book . Everyone knows that goats love to distract people to make them fall down. Hardy Har Har. They have a mean sense of humor. Stupid goats.

We continued walking to the parade and then stood for 45 minutes in the sun watching. Everything stung and I was trying to look like I was not trying to brush all the gravel off and survey the damage. We went to a nearby church for lunch and I went to the rest room to check things out. My jeans were stuck to my knees which were both totally shredded with road rash and gashes. Glad I wasn't wearing shorts! My right knee was the size of a grapefruit and mottled purple. The left one was better but not much. After lunch, we walked what seemed like 40 miles to a pie and ice cream social. My jeans were steel-wooling away on the fresh cuts. Then we went geocaching. I was never so happy for a day to end in my life!

By Sunday monring everything had stiffened up so I spent the day taking it easy and making Scott wait on me. After all it was his family that we were visiting and he knows how easily distracted I am by farm animals so it's all his fault! It's certainly not mine...Miss Talent and Coordination 2006!

On a good note, I found my old childhood friend Sarah after a couple of years searching for her. She moved away when we were in Junior High and lives near Dallas now. She got the letter I sent and send me a short email I hope to hear more from here very soon.

Did work more on my socks last night. Both legs are done now so if I have time after mowing the lawn tonight I will start on the heel flaps. I am really grooving on this doing both sock at the same time stuff. I also love the Knit Picks yarn. This is a cotton/wool blend. I like it better than their 100% wool stuff, but that's not bad at all either. I'm a yarn ho. As long as it's pretty colors, or better yet-shiney- I like it. As they'd say back home...'worse than a tame crow'.


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