Black Waters Coffee

I just received the gift basket from Shawna at Black Waters Coffee Company. As you may recall, Shawna's response to my fan email was the only thing that kept me from crawling up onto my desk and jumping to my death on the disaster that was Tuesday. The box contained fifteen 10-cup pouches of lots of their different flavored coffee and two thermal travel mugs. Black Waters is my favorite coffee and today...Shawna is my favorite person!

Tonight I will finish the dreaded shrug!I have been working on it off and on all winter. I am half-way through the last cuff. I'm pretty proud of it but am extremely glad that I am on the home stretch. It's like knitting an afghan and it's hot now that summers here. I will take a photo and post it here tomorrow.

After I get that done, I have to rework the button band on my top-down cardigan. The cardigan is about hip length. The button band however, is about belly button length. Not exactly 'styling'. No amount of blocking can repair that so I will rip the whole thing out and start over. My friend Anne did hers about three times before it came out long enough. Not sure if it's the pattern or because it's my first sweater. Surely it's the pattern. Knitting goddess that I am.

From there is will be on to finishing the Hospice Comfort shawl that I have a third of the way done. After that I can start on a new project. Maybe another pair or socks or a light shawl pattern-nothing too heavy for the humid weather.

A friend is starting a quilting group in town. The organizational meeting is the second Wednesday in August. I don't have Hospice that night so I can attend. It would be nice to get back into a quilting group again, but finding a night that I am consistently free tends to be difficult. I have Hospice and knitting groups. Mr. Bee has game nights and classes. Since we share a car, we walk (er...ride?) a fine line sometimes. The group will be at the new library in town so it will be so much more conveniently located than the other groups I've been in. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it lands on a night I can attend regularly.
In another instance of how Someone up there is looking out for me. I lost my drivers license about a month ago. Sometimes I stick it in my pocket when I don't want to carry a purse so it regularly shows up at laundry time. Sometimes I stick it in my knitting bag if I am going to The Sow's Ear so it can usually be unearthed on one of the multitude of bags I use. This time, no luck. Couldn't remember the last time I'd seen it. Looked high. Looked low. No luck. So I went to the DMV Express on the west side of town to replace it, only to be told that they only do renewals. I would have to suck it up and go downtown to the big 'depression-era-bread-line' feeling one. Only open at the most inconvenient of times. Dimly lit. Long lines. Bad smells. Grumpy desk clerks. I had resigned myself to having to spend most of the day Monday trying to obtain a new license. At around 2 this morning without thinking about it at all, it came to me exactly where it was. So I got up, after four weeks of fruitless searching, went and got it, put it back in my wallet and returned to bed. Thanks Big Guy! I think I'll carry my purse from now on.


Angela said…
I love how descriptive you are... it's like I was sent back in time when you described the DMV line.... you are too funny! So, where was the license?????????