Monday, June 26, 2006

Go Ahead! Pants Me!

Still didn't get that darn shrug photo up. It was thunderstormy and miserable all weekend. I heard on the news this morning that in one county they had to move the hail from the roads with a snowplow! Yikes. So I did what any self-respecting girly-girl does when things are bleak. I went to the mall. I needed new pants. I've lost a little weight since this diabetes thing started. Not much, but curiously, I can take the jeans I bought a month ago off without unbuttoning them. I found this highly amusing. Mr. Bee...not so much. He got tired of me running up to him all the time with my arms above my head saying "Pants me! No really! Go ahead and pants me! They come right off!" So it was his suggestion that maybe I look into acquiring jeans that actually fit. I even got the old-lady elastic waist ones so maybe I won't have to go again soon. Yankee thrift trumps style!

Speaking of old ladies. Yes we were! Try and keep up people! I got a cute email this week that said "I'm not forty-something. I'm 39.95 plus shipping and handling." I love that!

Anyway. I tinked (tink=knit backwards. In other words I tore it out. Get it?) the Cherry Hill Alpaca Shawl. After four false starts, I figured out that maybe I was a little too confident in my ability to do intricate lace. I was wearing all the little fuzzies off the yarn-knitting it in and yanking it out.The patterns is marked 'Advanced'. So I have a couple of "intermediate' lace projects lined up for now. I'll work up to the advanced shawl.

Busy week at the old Bee homestead. Tonight-lawn mowing and library, Tuesday-haircuts, Wednesday-Mr. Bee's first ever massage, Thursday-Noisy Boys gaming night, Friday-Knit Night, Saturday-Graduation Party and Fireworks in Sauk City...fascinating eh? Why are you still reading?!?!?

Mr. Bee has been studying like a mad dog for his Art History test on Monday. I can barely lift the text book with one hand! He will take the test and when he passes, he won't have to take the class. I think he has actually studied more material and for a longer amount of time than he would have if he'd have just taken the semester class in the first place. Since he doesn't know what will be on the test, he is studying everything. A lot of art has taken place in the last ~3,000 years! He comes up with lost of interesting tidbits and trivia for me though. He thinks it will distract me from asking him to pants me all the time no doubt. Did you know that the High Renaissance only lasted about twenty five years and that there were really only about six "Old Masters"? Who knew?

I am so proud of Mr. Bee. He has been working his butt off to get his Business Management degree. Working all day, taking seven-week accelerated courses, and studying on his own to test out of a bunch of classes. He will graduate in January. He has this test, one more test on Public Speaking and a wrap-up class in October and then he's done. What a guy! We are going to thing of a really cool place to go next spring to celebrate. Maybe Adventure Cove in Florida?

Break's over. Off to file and organize, run and fetch, bow and scrape, and look around things and under stuff.

Later: Here is the photo of my shrug. It hasn't been blocked yet. That will make it bigger and lacier! It's just a rectangular shawl with cuff sleeves.

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