Semi Annual Butchering of the Shrubs

Today I performed my semi-annual butchering of the shrubs. That's why I didn't take a wide shot of our new flower pots. The bushes to either side like they got a pretty bad (and vicious) haircut. Witness the leftover carnage splattering the walkway. But like a haircut, they'll grow back just fine. They go very well with the lawn that Scott butchered with the new edger. Edger... Edge-er. Edge of the lawn. How hard is that to understand? It's not called an 'Edge-and-then-a 6-inch-diagonal-slash-into-the-lawn-er'! Sheesh. That too will grow back but tomorrow we won't be able to get in the door for all of the landscaping and gardening brochures and business cards heaped on the front step! [Please...for the love of your neighbors and good plants everywhere...let us do your yard work for you! Huge discounts! Really!]

But the impatience are pretty. For now. It's only been one day but they are still alive. That is kind of a coup for me-notorious black thumb that I am. And I didn't cut the extention cord running the electric hedger like I did last fall. There was a big pop and a bright flash and everything stopped working. Handy woman that I am, it took my five full minutes of head-scratching, kicking and blaming the 'stupid hedger' before I figured out what the problem was. Oops. It was our best extention cord too. The hundred footer. I tried to get Scott to look on the bright side. That we now had two-count 'em- fifty-foot cords. (Actually more like a 90 and a 10 but you could see how I was trying to spin it.) He was not amused. Oh not upset enough to take my hedger away and do it himself mind you...but unamused none the less.

Must take Wee Doggie out....again. He came out during mid-slaughter this morning, took one look around and decided the best thing he could do for all involved was to eat the evidence as fast as humanly...ummm...doggily(?) possible. He scarfed leaves down with gusto until I took him back into the house. Now he has to go out every 10 minutes to see if there's anything I may have missed. Nothing left out there but chalk outlines of shrubs on the sidewalk. But was I really disfiguring the foliage? Or just making the dog a nice salad?


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