Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lil' Angus And The Gift That Keeps On Giving

No Angus sightings in the last few days. I think he has moved on. I discovered that he will never truly be gone however when I mowed the lawn last night. I saw this weird weed in the grass so I pulled on it. Up came the sprouts and a small cache of sunflower seeds. About as many as will fit in the mouth of a thirteen-striped ground squirrel named Angus. As I continued mowing, I discovered more and more caches. My peanut butter must have been really offensive if he moved out with that much 'treasure' buried around. I can't figure out why our lawn service didn't get them when they sprayed a couple of weeks ago. Conditions must be just right now because they are all starting to sprout. Angus. Gone but not forgotten.

Speaking of weird animal things, Wee Fergus, geo-dog extrordinaire, is having an all-out hissy fit that he cannot go out on the back deck to survey his kingdom like he always does several times every day. We hired someone to come and stain it yesterday and we have to stay off it for 48 hours. I understand this. Scotti B understands this. Fergus? Not so much. Even after I let him out the front door to do his doggie business, he comes in and goes straight for the back door and scratches enthusiastically. Can't really sniff the breeze like he likes at ground level I guess. He is kinda short. He needs the 2 foot boost that only our back deck can give. Things will be back to normal tomorrow. He's starting to get on my nerves.

I'm taking a workshop on Drop Spindle Spinning this coming Saturday afternoon. I bought a $5 beginner spindle two years ago and spun up a little alpaca and a little sheep's wool. Not enough to even make anything out of really. Then one of my kids brought her drop spinning to work one day and after watching her spin silk into the thinnest most delicate yarn I have ever seen, I was hooked again! So at this year's Alpaca Festival, I purchased a nicer, heavier spindle and some beautiful soysilk fiber which is made from tofu residue-no really! It is! So I want to attend the workshop to get the pro's spin (spin-get it?!?!) on it all and learn how to ply the singles once they are spun. I have a friend that has sheep. How cool would it be to meet the sheep the roving comes from, dye it (the roving, not the sheep....although....), spin it and knit something out of it?! I am such a fiber geek!

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