Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tornadoes-Two for Tuesday

Wow! Two entries in just one day! There is a lot of tornadic activity in the area tonight. Makes for some excellent cloud formations!

This one on the right is just south and west of us over by Mount Horeb and New Glarus. It will just miss us if it keeps on its current path. Three tornadoes from this one and lots of funnel and wall clouds. No serious damage as far as we know. One hit over by Barneveld, a town that was completely wiped off the map by an F5 a few years back.

This one on the left is to the north east of us. Lots of tornadoes and had caused a big pileup on I90/39 by Portage. Apparently a trailer truck ran in to some raining debris.


Madison seems to be sandwiched in between them and will probably escape the worst of it.....ah...forget I said that. The siren is blaring again. Well, better head back to the basement to duck and cover!

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