Molly Bee-Geocaching Expert

So I went to the Park Commission meeting last night to give my dog and pony show on geocaching. All of this started when I called them in April and asked permission to place a cache is a park near work. No one had placed one in town before and so they needed more details, so I brought them; history of the sport, finding a cache, hiding a cache. I had presentation packets and visual aids. All my ducks were in a row. All to get permission to stash a cache.

It started out great. They all thought it looked like fun and would be a good way to draw people to the area. They were all for me hiding the stash. Then some kind of voo-doo-feng shui-kung-fu-alternate reality happened and I began to question them about their decision. I put enough doubt and lack of clarity on the table that by the time I left I had successfully convinced them to withdraw the permission for my cache to be placed. Somehow I also volunteered to research and draft their guidelines/ permits for future caches, and teach a geocache camp for kids one night in August. I walked back to the car literally stunned. I have no idea how these things happen. I think I black out sometimes. I'd like to meet this other 'Sure!Sign-me-up-I'll-do-it' personality who thinks we has time to do my job, Hospice, house work ...and the work of half of the park commission. Oy!

I've calmed down a bit and decided that the guidelines/permissions stuff will be almost fun. Especially since I intend to snark a lot of the work already done by other towns in the area. But 25 kids, the dark? What was I thinking?!?!?


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