Just A Big Old Girl!

I had my nails done today. I'm a girly girl now! Normally I cut my nails so you can't see any white since they are so peely, puny and pathetic. I decided I was going to have them professionally done as my 'reward' for getting my blood sugar test number back to normal in the three months since my diabetes diagnosis. Off to the salon I went today and had French tips done. They are still short but now they are all shiny and girly looking. I'm not tired of looking at them yet, but Mr. Bee is. I've only asked him 187 times what he thinks of them. At first he said things like 'Fabulous' in a sarcastic tone of voice. Now he just rolls his eyes. Hmph...boys! We'll see how much I like them at bedtime. I am having enough trouble just typing with the new talons. It'll be doubly hard tomorrow if I mange to gouge my eyeballs out trying to remove my contacts lenses. Being a girl is dangerous work.

Mr. Bee and I went to see The Happy Diabetic Chef today at the Sheraton. He is a really cool guy. He cooked an appetizer, entree and dessert while he talked about his experience with diabetes. I bought his cookbook and can't wait to try some of the recipe's. I'd recommend seeing him to anyone who has diabetes or just wants to eat better. It was very entertaining and I came away with a lot of useful information. I also signed up to be on an advisory panel for the University of Wisconsin Hospital Diabetes folks. They are putting together a web site. All I have to do it review it several times over the next several weeks and fill out their questionnaires. I got $100. Surfin' the web for money....can't knock that!

I know I promised a shrug photo but I haven't taken one yet. I will get to it tomorrow. I also promised I wouldn't start any new projects until I finished the two I have going. Lied about that too. I can't be trusted in matter's such as these. What can I say, I'm on a roll! Started a new shawl out of some Cherry Hill Glitter Alpaca I had in my stash. It's soooo soft and yummy. If you could see and feel it you wouldn't blame me!

Off to bed to read Dean Koontz' new book "The Husband". It's one of those 'I-Know-It's-Three-In-The-Morning-But-I-Just-Have-To-Read-One-More-Page' kinda books. It's so good, I may be able to stop looking at my new nails long enough to finish it tonight!