Winter in Wisconsin!

It snowed yesterday and last night! We even had a skiff on the deck this morning. Wee Doggie took one look when we let him out to pee this morning and decided he could hold it 'til spring. He hates rain and cold. I would too if my bits were low to the ground and dragged in the wet and cold too!

Four-Layer Pumpkin Cake! Click for the recipe!
I made the cake part for this last night. It smelled heavenly and came out perfectly. I will go home and frost it in time to take it to Stitch and *itch at The Sow's Ear tonight. It's to celebrate my 41st successful mission completely around the sun. Well, if I make it to Sunday that is. I plan to embark on my 42nd trip first thing Monday morning! And as Steven Wright says, "I plan to live far so good."

I was hoping to have my 'Robbing Peter To Pay Jack' quilt ready for the binding by tonight but that didn't happen. I actually went to bed at 7:30 last night I was so exhausted. I will finish up my second 'stripy Goodness' sock and start making baby/kids socks from all of the leftover bits of sock yarn I've amassed lately instead. Can't stand to see such beautiful yarn go to waste.

Tomorrow night we are going to a hockey game with friend T & D. Can't wait! I haven't seen a game in a while. I'm always anxious to see the players erupt into a knock-down-drag-out fight. I've even been know the stand up screaming, 'Hit him in the head!!!!Hit him in the head!!!' to the top of my lungs. But then if they actually start fighting, I get upset and yell tearfully, 'Stop it! Someone's going to get hurt.' I do a similar version of this during car races; 'C'mon! Wreck!'/Oh No! Oh God! Someone get him out!' It's just one of the many amusing ways my multiple personalities duke it out.

This weekend will find us at Sky High Apple Orchard and Ho Chunk casino. We make an annual fall trip out of it. Do you know why they call it Ho Chuck? Because they always get a'ho chunk' of my dough when I visit! I signed up to take an additional shift at Hospice as well so it's apt to be a busy few days. Will try to bring back photos from up north to post though!