Eeeekkkkk!!!!Halloween Monster!!!!

I found a guy just like this in the parking lot today on the way back in from lunch. He was very dead and a little squished but still in possession of most all of his parts. So I brought him in and asked my scientists to identify him. It took them a while, but he has been identified as Mort, the big, dead, water bug- also known as a “Toe Biter”. I can see why. He is proudly on display at my desk for Halloween. We almost learned a lesson the hard way when he was displayed much too close to the finger cookies and the line between which hideous looking things are edible and which are not became blurred. There was a quick intervention and so far, Mort remains safely uneaten, but I will remain vigilant. (These guys will eat ANYTHING.) I will perform a proper circular file burial for him at 5PM because, though he is an impressive wee beastie, quite honestly he is beginning to smell a little questionable. Happy Halloween!


Elizabeth said…
Oh, that was some close call! What a bug!