Robbing Peter to Pay Jack

I put my pedal to the metal last night and finished my Halloween Quilt top. It's a variation of the old Robbing Peter to Pay Paul Block. It looks really blue in the photo but it's actually mostly deep purples. Gotta love any holiday that lets you put purples and orange together. Off to get a bat tonight-machine quilt it tomorow night and hopefully put the binding on it at The Sow's Ear on Thursday night-just in time for the big day!


Mum said…
Sure is some pretty quilt. Glad to see it all done for the big occasion. Congrats
Anonymous said…
can you tell me what magazine this came out of? I've been trying to find it for a long time!
MollyBeees said…
Hey Anonymous,
I hope you come back to this entry and find this answer. I don't have any way to get back to you directly. The pattern was in The QuiltMaker magazine. I'm not sure which issue but they have the pattern as a web extra:

Good Luck! Molly Bee