Outta This World

I went to the Belleville UFO festival with a friend on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. Went to a craft fair and had lunch at a local diner. But the best part was the parade. Lots of fun homemade floats about aliens and alien patrols. A million little kids dressed in their Halloween costumes (and some adults too) getting candy that the parade folks threw. The Shriners were there an their ATVs. There were approximately 172 Dairy Princesses and Queens. Why it was such a stellar parade that folks came from other galaxies to see it! A couple of them even traded in their vehicles down at the Ford dealership for hotel money so that they could stay the entire weekend, it was so much fun!

We also went to a new yarn shop. Well, not new…it’s been there a year but the name of it is “Off The Beaten Path’…and it was...so I didn't know about it. It was really nice though-in a house-and the rooms were filled floor to ceiling with lots of yarns that I haven’t seen on other shops around. The staff was really helpful and we had a nice visit while they wound the yarn I bought. I used my b-day loot to buy some ridiculously expensive yarn to make a shawl out of. One skein is metallic though and you know that shiny is always worth every penny! My friend bought some beautiful dark tweedy green to make her first sweater with. Fun day.

Today I paid for all that fun. I could hardly walk on my heel spur. I’m just counting down the days ‘til I can get in and see about it. We did go to the new Trader Joes in town which was a disaster all the way around. The store was wonderful but not designed to serve the 86 gazillion folks that were there. We ditched our cart and went to Pick and Save. I got the stuff to make a yummy black bean soup which I cooked all afternoon. The only mishap in that adventure was trying to puree it before capping the blender. I look mahhhhy-velous covered in bean puree dahhhhling! So does my kitchen!

Depending on how my foot is tomorrow night, I may or not make my famously disgusting Halloween finger cookies to take to work on Tuesday. IAs much as I love an opportunity to gross people out I'm not sure how long I could stand at the counter molding the things. We’ll see. If I make them, I’ll post a photo. Have a great week everyone!


Anonymous said…
Other galaxies have red-heads too!!
Who would of thunk it!! ;)
Elizabeth said…
Foot misery is the worst! I got orthotics about 4.5 years ago, after suffering for 6 years. What a difference.

I hope they can help you!

Enjoy your new yarn!