Wagon's Draggin'

It's nasty outside-cold and rainy. It's nasty inside-one of my favorite kids* just resigned and will leave in two weeks. I'm still snottin' and blowin' from my cold. I have a heel spur that's getting so bad that it's murder to walk on and my appt. to see about it isn't for two more weeks. I just want to curl up on the sofa with a box of See's chocolates and watch Oprah but I can't because I'm diabetic and Oprah doesn't come on 'til 4. Woe is me! There! This whine has been brought to you by Molly Bee. Thanks for letting me get that out of my system.

Bossman is gone today so I am dealing with the general mayhem and disharmony that always accompanies his absence. My kid with the...hmmm....how to put this...'least people skills' likes to try and assert a command position much to the dismay of his peers. His orations are getting more lengthy, as well as more pompus and more condescending in tone (in so much as that's possible). My break will be over soon and 'Mom' will have to go over and shut him down or there may be bloodshed. I can see why the Bossman gets paid the big bucks!

Plans to work on the Halloween Quilt last night went seriously awry. Got supper, took Wee Doggie for a walk in the freezing rain, went to get groceries, put them away-went to bed. In that order. I am reading Thirteen Moons and it's a library book so I have to finish it up before it becomes due on Saturday. That was my justification for the early turn-in anyway. I was so tired that I read the same two sentences in the section about them rounding up all the Native Americans for the Trail of Tears approximately two hundred and seventy nine times and then fell asleep with the light still on and the book on my face. (Hope the next library patron doesn't mind the drool.) I have much the same plan for tonight actually. I am nothing if not persistent!

Actually I really would like to get my Halloween quilt quilted tonight so I can put the binding on tomorrow night at The Sow's Ear. Althought I get a little thrill out of seeing the nasty white batting 'go away', binding a quilt is mind-numbingly dull. It would be good to have some company while I do. Can you take quilting to Knit Night? Anyway...break time is over-off to put a damper on the impending mutany! Have a great day!

*Kid-One of the 15 Ph.D scientists I den-mother every day.