Football Widow

Since I am a football widow almost every Sunday afternoon-at least when the Packers play, I decided that I am going to do something I want to do by myself...for me. This afternoon was spent at a nearby park.

I sat on the rocks by the roaring dam, soaked up the autumn sun, wrote in my journal and visited with this guy:

You have to look really close but there is a huge heron fishing in the shallows below the dam. On the top pic he is on the left side of the dam. In the next one he is more in the center. He didn't seem to have much luck so after about a half an hour he moved over to deeper water above the dam. See his long neck and head?

Then I moved to the other side of the park and just sat by the blue water under the blue, blue sky and meditated in the cool breeze: Sorry Wisconsin, but this afternoon was waaaaaaay better than a Packer Game!


Elizabeth said…
Isn't it sad to think of all those people spending such glorious weather indoors watching TV? Especially when there are so few glorious days left this year?